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My acne is getting worse, yet I'm doing everything to prevent it. What do I do?

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I've been researching and reading through so many different ways of getting rid of acne or getting it better, and I am just not sure what to do. 

I've had acne ever since I was 16 or so. I went thru a lot of different anti biotics and creams, up until I was 18 when they finally put me on accutane. After 7 moths of being on it, it cleared up beautifully. Then the next year it started breaking out And progessively over the next 2 years has gotten worse. I've have no sign of it being better no matter what I do or try. 
I have tried washing my face with cetaphil twice a day, day and night,?and using acne free lotion to put on my face in every morning. When I do found out that Washing your face twice a day can be bad I went to washing  once a day.  Two months later it still didn't wasnt getting better, just worst. Then ive heard washing your face at also can be the problem too. So I stopped washing my face for a month. and still it got worse. 
I eat very healthy
I work out 
i sleep well 
i wash ny bed sheets every 4 nights 
I consistently keep up on washing my face twice a day. 
The odd thing about my acne is that it is lot more severe on my left side of my face. and ive never had acne  on my forehead, and now it's really all over my forehead.  Here are pictures of what i look like. If there is anyone who found a solution who had similar acne to me I would to hear. I just want to find a solution.l feel like I'm trying hard to keep my acne clean or better and it just doesn't. Gets get worse. Any advice or products would be nice. Just want it to be gone 



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Im suffering through the same thing. The acne on my left side is worse but now its worse on each side. Did you find any progress? 

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I was in the same boat. I tried dozens of products, the last one being Cetaphil for oily skin.  It kind of worked for a few months, but then the cystic acne came back. I was waiting on an appt with the dermatologist when I decided to try Rodan and Fields Unblemish line.  They have a 60 day money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose - not like my acne could get worse.
I highly, highly recommend this product (so much so, that I've even become a consultant in the hopes of helping others with the same problems)

It's a 3 step regimen that includes a sulphur face wash, a gentle toner and a benzoyl peroxide lotion (much less irritating than the one provided in the acne.org regimen)


Here's my 5 month before and after.
Dec 14th and May 2nd.


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