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I'm doing everything, nothing is clearing my face

Short background: I started breaking out around 7th grade but until the beginning of 10th grade I didn't care in the same way I do now. I always wore concealer and tried products but didn't do research and change things. In 10th grade I cut out dairy and sugar completely and since then my skin has gotten a ton better. I also drink a gallon of Water a day. Along with that I use juicebeauty cleanser and serum, a vanity planet brush with my cleanser, osmosis moisturizer and spot treatment, aloe, and a blue light. That is the system that I have found works best for me. For a while I would don't breakout unless it was a certain time in my cycle. Also my problem area went from mainly my forehead but also my chin and cheeks a little to just my forehead when I changed my diet a year ago. 
Current: my skin always gets bad before my period and two weeks after it. It breaksout a lot but I know that, for this type, if I don't pick at my skin it just goes away. But, Very recently I started breaking out on my cheeks and chin again and it was around that time of month, but still it's usually my forehead and it's not usually as bad as it was this time. I figured I would stop breaking out in few days like usual, but I haven't. I keep breaking out. I'm literally doing everything, idk what to do anymore. Have my hormones recently changed? Is that possible? 

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If you’re still in your teenage years yes your hormones are still fluctuating, so it’s normal to have breakouts every so often. Then again, it isn’t very nice. I’d suggest going to the doctors and speaking about birth control. Usually it helps keep the flare ups to a minimum or gets rid of it completely for some people. 

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