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New scar treatment - Tixel

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Searched and got no results for this surprisingly, it's been out for around a year now in the UK. 


Tixel is a totally new way of treating the skin using thermo-mechanical ablative (TMA) technology. In simple terms, it employs the direct use of heat to produce the desirable effects of anti-ageing and scar improvement.

Unlike other therapies which are currently available, Tixel is not laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency.

How does Tixel work?

The skin is gently heated using a grid of tiny pyramids the size of pinheads. 81 of these make contact with the skin for only a few thousandths of a second with each shot of treatment.

This allows heat to be transferred to the skin in a controlled manner causing the skin to tighten and rejuvenate. As the contact made with the skin is so short-lived, the level of discomfort is significantly lower than it is for other resurfacing and tightening treatments.

The tiny little microcrusts can be seen in a grid pattern as shown in the picture below. When compared to fractional CO2 laser, there is much less charring and redness which means that make-up or a tinted moisturiser can be applied early on.



Does anyone know anything about it? I didn't get any results from fractional CO2 or 20-30% TCA peels and this seems less risky. I'm tempted to try it.

Has anyone had it done? Edited by unbreakable1

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This sounds like a bunch of bull shhhh. Crusts, ... you get crusts with ematrix which is a matrix type thing head. You can get "crusts" with rf microneedling if they put it near the skin surface. Look it looks like sublative or microneedling, and does not protect the epidermis. The pyramid would seem to make wounds larger than say a ematrix tip which make inverted triangles / less epidermal damage. Laser by the way vaporizes skin (photo-thermal ablation and coagulation) so their marketing is questionable of how other devices work. FYI the laser pic below is unethical they use carbon powder on the skin for the picture, ... it would look much smaller than the matrix marks, these pyramids look huge compared to the micron size of a laserbeam.

@Obi wan Take a look at this ;-P

Novoxel | Tixel | ringiovanimento della pelle  
Tixel - London Dermatologists first to bring Tixel skin ...
Tixel - London Dermatologists first to bring Tixel skin ...


Matrix Sublative submited images.
Introducing E-Matrix | Dermatology Blog | San Diego Laser ...

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Agree... BA, sounds like another marketing gimmick. Really do need good studies before anyone should consider a treatment. Heat can stimulate collagen HSP 70, 90 etc.. cascade of MMP remodelling etc if it reaches 67+ degrees . At least with RF its measurable, and replicable. RF in the eMatrix sublative mode at least can be measured (e.g. mj per pin, so some degree of baseline can be achieved). Additionally with the resistance there is some epidermal damage that is controlled, this causes the cytokine cascade that has been proven to go through the basement membrane, then into the dermal layers to remodel (seperate pathway from HSP or heat shock protein). No way this will get to bad fibrotic scars if they lie in the deep reticular dermis.  Read all this in papers from pubmed search. 
If Tixel can have histology, temp. measurements, etc.. plus controlled studies, yes, may give it some credit. However it will only be suitable for early and mild scars, much like eMatrix. Dr Steve Eubanks a key opinion leader has one or two pictures of good scar remodelling, however he uses this as his preferred method (eMatrix) of  treating acne scars- he should have 100s of great before and afters, but no, only 2. Despite this in his talks he places less invasive 'sublative' treatments ahead of the fractional Co2. I had the privilege to talk to Dr Eubanks on several occasions, and yes, its pure ROI - RF is not controlled by legislation unlike lasers, so much easier to sell to anyone that wants to buy one. FYI eMatrix can be 'clocked' e.g., some places like US, its limited to 50 mj per pin, in Other places of the world some clinics can get the software for 100 mj per pin. All these energy devices can give mild to modest results at best. IMO  another 'device' for scarring. I do not think its a game changer - just an exercise in marketing. 

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