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Milk Thistle

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Hey all! I'm new to the community. Uhhh where do I start. Okay so I guess it all kind of started when I was in middle school. I started getting your usual acne that comes with puberty and getting a period. It had bothered me from an early start and I had started using different kind of products at the age of 13. Carrying on into high school it definitely got a bit worse but it wasn't severe. It was enough to be insecure about. At this point I was steadily trying different kinds of cleansers sold over the counter. My junior year of high school was when I first started taking the birth control pill. It was ortho-tricyclene to be exact. It definitely helped clear my skin up. I still fought some blemishes but it was bearable. The next year I went off the pill and got the Mirena IUD. The first few months were fine as far as my skin went. That was actually the last time I remember my skin being good... that was 3 years ago. About 6 months down the line my skin took a serious turn for the worse. I ended up taking out the Mirena in hopes that it would help my skin clear up. It didn't help. I ended up getting back on the same birth control pill. This time it didn't really clear my skin up like it did before. It was still pretty bad. At this point I was still putting really harsh products on my skin in hope of some relief. I have literally tried everything you can name..... I've spent so many hours doing research trying to figure out how to end my pain. The more reading I was doing the more I found that a natural approach would be much healthier. So I went to the health food store and bought a bar of Desert Essence tea trea soap. This seemed to make a difference. That was the beginning of my holistic approach. Fast forward a year.... I went off my birth control in February. I only use natural and organic products on my skin. I use natural makeup. I eat an organic plant based diet. I drink lots of water. My skin is probably the worst it's ever been and from everything I know and have read it's hormonal, which makes sense. So I've been doing more and more research. I've been taking DIM for almost two months now, I see a lot of people have good luck with that. So far it hasn't made a difference. I just recently added Lysine. And today I went and bought Milk Thistle. I've seen a lot of people saying that sometimes nothing will help until you have cleansed your liver, which I'm sure I could use anyway. (I forgot to add that for almost a year straight I was eating out every day for every meal). I guess I just want to hear other peoples thoughts or stories. Some people say start with a small dose and do it off and on. The particular brand I got says to take it three times a day on an empty stomach. Any comments are appreciated.

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