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I've had acne since high school. I've seen dermatologists on and off since then and have been on every treatment under the sun. Finally about a few months ago my derm said it was time to start accutane. I was elated at the thought of having clear skin. I'm week 5 of accutane and I still have horrible skin. I have big painful cysts on my cheeks that needed to be injected w cortisone and my forehead is still breaking out

i am truly devastated. I really thought accutane was gonna be my miracle. I don't have severe acne but I have a very small face and I get HUGE cysts so even when I have 4-5 cysts my whole face essentially looks covered. It's really disfiguring and makes me so upset. I have a really crazy job where I work 90 hours a week and on my days off all I want to do is enjoy myself w my friends and family but I always shy  away from plans because of my skin. I am constantly googling and reading about acne because I want so badly for it to go away. It feels like someone other than me has control over my face. I Want to work on my body and my clothes and makeup but feel absolutely paralyzed by my acne. I keep reading about people who are still breaking out 4-5 months into accutane and very much foresee that being me given ow bad things are right now

I am devastated. I don't know how to accept that acne is going to be a part of my life forever. 

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Hi there. I just registered because I have compassion for what you go through. That was me too- 40 years ago! I'm in my fifties now, and I look back at how isolated I became when my acne was bad. I remember what it felt like to think "everyone" had good skin but me, and its all I focused on. I missed out on so much! Now I realize,  people who care about you don't care or notice, so don't stop being social, be yourself, and most of all don't be ashamed. Lots of people do have acne it doesn't mean you have to be a hermit- esp while you are young.

I had acne on and off from age 14-21. At 21, I finally had it and went on Accutane. This was after my skin was scarred and I was so sick of pimples popping up constantly, and after years of derms picking at my skin and basically ruining it more. It took a good 4-6 mos on Accutane to see real improvement. My Dr at the time told me not to use anything else that was drying, so I used plain unscented cetaphil cleanser morning and night, and rinsed with lukewarm water after, like 20 times. If I got too dry, peeling, I used unscented moisiturizer. A favroite of mine was (still is) Clinique dramatically different (the yellow one) I have very oily skin. 

So, its been 30 + years. I do have acne scars, not as bad as some, but certainly not a smooth complexion. But save for the occasional pimple, nothing bad. I notice if I change my skin care routine dramatically, or try a new product, I have to be very, very careful. The thing about acne sufferers is our skin is SO sensitive. We have to treat it very gently. No harsh scrubbing. Also "natural" products, I have found, are the worst for me. I once switched to Clarins, very expensive line. I ended up with the biggest pimple of my life, I still bear the scar on my chin. (This was in my 40s!)

So, pick a gentle, consistent skincare routine and stick with It. Don't get distracted by the new products or advertisements that promise clear skin quickly. It doesn't work that way- sadly, there is no quick fix for our skin. In the meantime, be kind to yourself, do things everyday that make you feel good, eat well, drink tons of water, and be with your friends and loved ones.

My current skincare routine:
AM: Wash with warm, soapy water (non scented) Cetaphil
rinse 20 x with lukewarm water
pat with witch hazel
apply Clinique DD or Cetaphil moisturizer

PM/after work:
Wash same as AM, rinse 20x
pat with witch hazel
apply layer of unscented aloe vera gel (I use Trader joe's)- let it sink in completely
apply eye cream (because I'm old)
apply nightime moisturizer (unscented)

Occassionally, I use a glycolic  cleanser in the shower if my skin is feeling particularly rough.. I don't advise while on accutane, however, only when you are stabilized. I find this helps unclog pores. I also use retin a (tretenoin .01%-lowest )occassionally for a few weeks at a time, every other night if I feel I need to. This seems to keep my skin stable and as clear as it can be. I never had perfect skin, and never will. But I can still look good, and feel good knowing I'm being kind to my skin and taking care of myself.

Take care and be well!!!

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I'm so sorry to hear this .. But trust me you are not alone ! I have had ance for 6 years not and I'm 17 years old .. I go on Acctune Nov 1 so I'm kinda excited for that .. Hav you ever tried sodium sulfacetamide sulfur cleaner ? My Dermo has gave it to me for a while it clears the big ance really well for me ! It does dry out skin at first but I have super oily skin so it helps with that ! My Dermo even said I could still use it on Acctune. I don't really know who you are or anything but I feel your pain I hate seeing other people suffer cause I know it sucks so bad .. Just know your not alone ! Don't let it run your life .. I Know it's hard trust me but the more you don't go out and the more you worry about it the wrost it'll get cause your stresses from it ! Just know your not alone I truly wish I could help more !!! 

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