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here it goes I am now scared I have damaged my skin to lead to yet another scar! I squeezed a large deep under the skin spot that wasn't ready it seeped and a little pus came out but the damage has now been done! I'm left with now a weeping deep spot on my face as through squeezing I removed skin as the force clearly damaged  my skin! I have quite thin skin easily scarred so I'm now logging the recovery to help me not touch it look at my awful face. I hate myself and ant support would be much appreciated. Here's a picture of the wound also. 


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Why do we do it?? We always regret it!! You just have to leave it alone now and be more determined not to squeeze or pick.
I may be crazy (talking to myself!! Lol!!) but I sometimes say a little mantra to myself whenever I feel tempted to pick or squeeze " Leave it to heal, no big deal!"or "Leave it be and soon you'll be free". All the best. Keep strong and positive. 

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Other posts on spot picking recommend Neosporin, an antibacterial, be applied if you develop a hole from squeezing or picking. Can anyone else confirm this or recommend anything else here? No make-up either. Put a band aid on to keep clean.

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