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Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a little something with you. When I first started comming here I was desperate with my acne (I never got severe acne but it still bothered me a whole lot) and since I have discovered BP my face is almost totally clear now.

But thats not what I wanna talk about. I have this bottle of tea tree oil home and have never really bothered using it because of the smell. I made a research on the net and found out it was amazing to disinfect and stop itchiness. It is also used in a treatment for Herpes to stop make them itch so bad.

So I have found out a great way to prevent rashes from shaving. My brother is 16 and has moderate acne so he uses that to prevent rashes (he gets all red from shaving when he doesnt). I use that on my legs and bikini line. And my legs are smoother then they have been. And Im NOT talking about whats happening in my bikini line!! Its a paradise! LOL

So lets get to the point. When you are done shaving, mix a couple of drops (enough there)of Tea tree Oil with a non-alcohol non-oily unscented very light moisturiser. Rub it gently in your skin. This Tea tee oil is like a miracle to me!!! You will see it works! And its natural.

So guys if you wanna try and update me on that =0)

Also, just a little word for people who still struggle to find a way to clear their acne. Hang in there people! Yeah I know acne is a motherfucker but it will probably pass in time. And you wanna know something; my acne started clearing up when I said to myself ''I just dont care anymore! Wanna stare at my big-ass bruise that I picked yesterday night then do it, I know who I am inside and nobody will take my integrity away from me'' (I had a huge problem with picking)

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