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Is jojoba oil making my oily skin dry?

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Prior to me using jojoba oil my skin was crazy oily. I started doing research and learned that it was probably because my pH  was imbalanced. So I started changing my products around like finding a natural pH balanced cleanser and I stopped using AHA/BHAs because they weren't doing anything other than aggravating my skin(Making it unnecessarily oily).

I started using thermal waters to cleanse my skin. I double cleanse in the evening: origins cleansing oil and then a cleanser. My acne now is controlled without AHA/BHA and my skin looks good! I added the "Deep hydration serum" from Bakel (hyaluronic acid) because now my skin is controlled (no longer oily).  But when i put makeup on it looks very dry. I DON'T use mattifying products or acne products. Is this normal? What could it be? Does jojoba oil dry out the skin? OR is it just revealing my true skin type since everything seems to be balanced?

FYI: My diet is very clean, I don't drink/eat dairy, unless the cheese is low in lactose (i.e cheddar) I exercise regularly, and drink tons of water (a gallon a day) I believe this helped with clearing my skin but the next step was to figure out why my skin was so oily which now i attribute to a pH imbalance. (Ideal 5.5)

My tips to possibly help with acne(RESEARCH EACH):
-hormone imbalance (I started eating more good fats and ever since then my skin has improved significantly)
BTW: I attribute my hormone imbalance to a lack of fat in my diet-it might be different for you.
-Inflammation (externally and internally)(Many things can lead to inflammation, even a hormone imbalance. As you research you will find many connections)
-Skins pH imbalance (Ideal level is 5.5)
-Food intolerance's 
-Natural skincare (EWG is great)(LOOK AT INGREDIENTS-ONE BY ONE)
-Gut health (I take a daily probiotic)
-Do major research because knowledge is power
-Dont wash your face in the shower
-After cleansing instantly moisturize (within 60 seconds)

I believe I finally figured out my acne triggers (underlying issues) and I am happy to share because it was tough getting painful cystic acne on my cheeks and not knowing why. No esthetician (not even holistic) or dermatologist could help. I hope this does! :)

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