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Battle With Hormonal Acne

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Hello all, 

Apologies in advance for the long post, but I would just like to get my story out there and see if anyone has had a similar experience and can offer some encouragment. 

What feels like probably 6 months ago now I started noticing ALOT of tightly clustered, under the skin, non inflammatory closed comedones - these would hardly turn into breakouts unless I picked. My issues is mainly chin, around lips and recently jawline (clearly hormonal) 

The first dermatologist I went to said they were Malia and gave me a topical cream, well long story short they were not malia and this just made me actually start breaking out.   

Second derm confirmed they were not Malia and gave me Epiduo Forte, Minocyclin and a birth control (forget what one) and OMG did my skin freak out, huge cysts, pustules, new ones every day. I delt with this for about 5 weeks until i had enough and stopped all treatment - looking back bad idea because i think I was just experiencing an IB. 

Then, I started going to an aesthetician who did extractions / peels every two weeks. Well I just kept getting pustules and cyst with lots of inflammation.. I do have less closed comedones now, but the inflammed acne is raging. 

So finally I saw a third derm 3 weeks ago who automatically said Accutane and put me on Yaz, 75 ml Spirolactone and another antibiotic while i wait to start accutane. Also I am using all PCA acne products, BP acne wash, intensive clarity (retinol) at night, and  salicylic acid twice a day. I think I had an IB the first two weeks and I cant tell if maybe the inflammed breakouts are trying to heal, my left side is looking much better but my right is still very angry. The pustules are really hard to deal with. I also still have alot of closed comedones.

I am wondering how long IB have been for people with similar issues on similar medications?

I know it can take up to 3 months to really see results, but does that mean 3 months of IB??Im not asking for perfect skin tomorrow, Im just really looking for some steady Improvment and encouragment. 

Its been such a long journey running in circles and I really dont want to go on accutane.. 

Any advice or similar stories I would love to hear them!! 

Thanks for reading, 

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