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Starting Accutane - 14 going on to 15 years old

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Hey guys! I decided to post this since I JUST GOT my accutane pills. I am even starting today in a few hours until my next meal. I am SUPER excited. I've done possibly around 200 - 250 % bodyhours worth of research on this drug and I told my derm (as I went to him today) about my acne, which is mildly severe (I guess it can be considered moderate/severe acne). He noticed that my acne was actually beginning to scar on my cheeks and that my skin is VERY oily and persistent when it comes to acne. I also have A LOT on my back. However my neck and chest are clear for now. So he perscribes me on 40 mg a day (one pill a day for about 5 - 6 months). I know how this drug works and I have had pretty darn bad acne since grade 7 or so. Right now I started grade 9 about a month ago and I really just want to get rid of all this. I think that I can go beyond where I am now without my acne since it is just holding me back from so much D: I think that without my acne, I would make more friends, talk to girls more, just be all round happier and enjoy life. Im tired of waking up every morning and looking myself in the mirror just to see my face covered in red spots. It's not that i'm depressed or anything, in fact i'm a very social guy and very friendly, but I mean like I know that I can do more than I would right now without my acne.

Here's a little about my physical state.

I am 14 years of age, turning 15 in a few months (march).
I weigh 150 pounds or 68 - 70 kgs. (mostly muscle)
I am 6 feet tall
Very atlethic (I guess)
Around 7 - 9 % body fat

And I was perscirbed on 40 mg a day, which  I guess is a lot, especially for a 14 year old lol. But then again, I would consider myself pretty big than the average 14 year old (I guess thats good haha). I started lifting weights during the summer, and I exercise every single day. I swim, run and play basketball (can almost dunk)

I am most likely going to log my process month by month. I've tried most medications out there for acne, BP, salicyc acid, almost everything out there, and nothing worked (if anything it made my acne worse! D:) I've cut out all dairy, lowered my sugar intake, changed pillow cases, almost everything. But my skin is still oily, and still acne prone.
I just hope that accutane can do the job. I really have high hopes for this drug. I've never been prescribed any oral drugs, but i'm literally done dealing with acne.
Now I want to ask you guys about any tips on accutane and how your experiences were with the drug. I am very confident for this 

Hopefully everything works out .

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