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Guys Do you think something like this can be used for acne scars?

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No I don't, this is more of a topic for scar less healing mega-thread, it's theoretical at this time and does not have a basis in long term clinical experience, at this point it's a theoretical or device company offering a product. If your cutting a scar of that size (video) from a face, you can have all sorts of issues, there are issues with poor (smaller) excisions. Skin can pucker, poor placement in high tension areas, infection, wound maintenance, cost of treatment. This is what "plastics" do learn geometric scar closure, hidden stitch techniques, the different ways the skin holds tension (push and pull) of muscles and skin structures. 

People have used superglue in a extreme survival wound closure type thing, they use glues already in hospitals for quick closures. They often don't hold, or heal poorly.  But it's cheap, quick, and practically non invasive. 

This looks to be used more with surgical procedures which they already have several types of glues and stitching methods. 

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Thanks BA :), I just hope they come up with  something to treat acne scars, It is very strange that how doctors can do all the different cosmetic surgeries to changes the nose, body size, gender ... and yet it is so difficult to treat these small scars.

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