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James' Vitimin B5 Journal

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Day 105

No Changes apart from 1 new spot on my chin. 4 big ones around my nose.

Skin feels tight and i'm constantly aware of my skin feeling oily.

Did some phoning around today to try to get a private appointment set-up to go on roaccutaine....

Looks like I could get an appointment tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!!!


It looks like it'll cost me £1000 to go through a course of roaccutaine privately for 4 months.

Right, guess its back to waiting on the NHS waiting list till the end of April :-(

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aint that the biggest bitch!

Its a long time ago now, but i had to wait a similar period of time to see the derm and get prescribed roa (im in the UK). Its rediculous, it only takes a 1 min breif consultation and the writing of a prescription. Oh yeah, then you have to wait how long to get blood results etc before you can start taking it.

I think yer regular doc should be able to prescribe roa, they only need educating on it a tad more. Id be happy to start taking it immediately then get blood done asap to confirm all is ok. arrrrggg, it pisses me off!

Id also be happy to sign somethin saying only i am accountable if something goes tragically wrong too.

what is wrong with these people.......

I cant beleive it is so expensive too, 1k privately.... buying it cheap off the net at low dose would still cost about £60 a month. which to be honest is only double what i pay for B5 at the mo and not too bad, but not sure I would have the balls to to treat myself like that, with no bloodtests etc.

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Thing is, i dunno if a low dose is all that beneficial, I think it only worked for me when they upped it to a higher dose (can't remember how high). Is it much more expensive on a higher dose?

Might be worth buying the drugs and then paying for a liver test.

where can you buy roaccutaine from?

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I was on half dose (40mg) for 3 months and worked great for me. Cleared me 100% and minimised side effects and those kind of problems.If I was to take roa with no medical advice i would absolutely go the low dose route.

however, the low dose i took maybe explains why its come back, should have prob gone with 60-80 eusa_wall.gif

the cheapest ive seen it is from medsindia --> link

You could prob get it cheaper with a bit of shopping around, i dunno

thats what i meant by low dose, 20mg. 40 tabs for $130 so taking one day we are talking about £55 per month, but just over £100 for a reasonable 40mg daily dose. that for 5 months would still be half the derm price.

others include




I really didnt know it was that freakin expensive. I had nearly a month supply left over when i finished my course and i threw them away! just wanted rid of the stuff.

by the way, im not recommending going down the self treatment road or anything but i know how tempting it is. I thought of taking v low dose on a run up to a derm apointment but im gonna wait it out with the B5.

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I am in the same boat as you, I have moderate acne I have been on B5 for awhile now (almost three months) and I still havent seen any difference. BUT! I have read alot of testimonials online and alot of the testimonials take place for 6 months of B5 therapy, and the majority with moderate to mild acne said that they're results didnt come until the 4 or 5 month. But still others had results in less than one month. It seems to depend upon the person and I just want to encourage you to stay on it for the full 6 months if you have the money, and I think you'll find that results will come. Hang in there, and I will too.

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Hi there, I have been using B5 for over two months now like a mad man! I kept strictly to the regime (20 tabs over the day) but the results so far ... none whatsoever. I knew that, initially, there would be more outbreaks. But during the last two months my skin looked worse than it ever did before!! I have stopped using B5 two days ago and instead went for some Neutrogena On The Spot treatment and my face looks much better already. I do believe that B5 can have an effect on certain people but I have to admit that maybe I'm not among them. Not only did my face look bad, the spots took much longer to heal. An experience I don't want to go through again.

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Hi guys

Thanks for your accounts of being on B5. Yeah, I really dunno what to think about the whole B5 thing, i guess it does work for some people, and not for others possibly.

It really does need a lot more research into. It's not working for me, my skin is definitely worse than 3 months ago.

I'm keeping on with the B5 for the foreseeable future until I get my appointment to go on roaccutaine.

I do know that roaccutaine works and have personal experience of it, so, I think the bottom line is, if you know something works, go for that.

I'm annoyed with how difficult it is to get onto roaccutaine. Having acne is stressful and I get depressed. I can't interact with anyone without thinking about my skin and particularly thinking about what people must be thinking when they see the state of my face.

To get onto roaccutaine through a doctor takes months and months, and the longer you wait for your appointment to appear, the worse your skin is getting and the more depressed you get. Going private costs a fortune, I worked out it was going to cost me £1000 for a 4 month course on the lowest dose. (and i'm pretty sure i'll want atleast 40-60mg)

IF you've got bad acne, you should be able to recieve the proper medication quickly without having to wait months and months whilst all the time getting more self obsessed and depressed!!!

Thats my rant over.

Days 106-109

No new major spots, still many many lumps on my face and 2 gigantic dark red ones on the front of my face - one's been there about a month now.

Skin still very oily, woke up this morning with it more oily than usual - if thats possible.

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I have extremely oily skin and this is what I've been doing (it has helped my face calm down, a lot), hope this helps:


- wash face w/ a cleanser/scruber that has 2.5% bp

- use a toner w/ glycolic acid

- apply skinoren (I noticed this helps with the red marks)

- wait 5 mins then use 5% bp (OXY sensitive is what I like to use)

- wait 5 mins then use moisterizer (cetephil)

- take 1000 mg of B5


- wash face w/ cetephil bar soap (it doesnt dry out my skin, I prefer the bar soap to the lotion, the lotion makes my face feel heavy and sticky)

*I wash again in the afternoon to prep my face for bp

- apply 5% bp

- wait 5 mins, apply moisterizer

- take 1000 mg of B5

Before Bed:

- wash face w/ 2.5 bp cleanser

- use toner

- apply skinoren

- wait 5 mins then use 5% bp (a lot)

- skip the moisterizer

- take 1000 mg of B5

*If my face starts feeling oily thru out the day I'll blot it with Clean & Clear Oil Control Film (works wonders!)

*If I miss the afternoon schedule I just wash my face as soon as I get home.

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Days 110-123

My skin is worse than ever... Like when I was 17. spots come and they just don't go away... I think that's when you get the sign that you're losing the battle with acne.

My skin feels very very itchy.. so much so that it wakes me up in bed sometimes, so is it acne? or a reaction to something?!?

Taking the B5 does dry my skin and it makes it flakey, hence I use clean & clear oil free moisturiser - I found the nivea one with oil made me breakout even worse.

Even though my skin dries out, it'll still get very oily at points during the day and it won't stop the breakouts.

I've got a hospital appointment tomorrow, and i'm going to go on roaccutaine again. I'm not too sure what dose to ask for, I remember from last time, nothing happened for 3 months, I couldn't stand that again. i'll prob ask to go on 40mg or above....

Feeling very depressed about it all, I can't get on with my life when I look like this, I need to move on and get a better job, but I don't have the confidence to do that at the moment, am having real problems socialising, I just turn into this "nice quiet" person. The other depressing thing is that I know it's going to take ages to get anything sorted. I think I have to resign atleast another 6-9 months of my life away of being like this, assuming the roaccutaine works. I'm then going to have to have some laser treatment to deal with the scars, and that's not going to be cheap either. - 12 years of acne messes up your face.

That's the end of my depressing post... I'll be starting a roaccutaine log when I get on the drug.

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Days 125-138

This is the end of my B5 log. Skin isn't good at all, so am now stopping it and going back to taking roaccutaine which i'll be starting a new log for.

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