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On a quest!

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I am on a quest which I fear will be a never ending journey...

For starters, I get the odd pimple here and there, but never worried too much about it. However, for over a week now (maybe 2) I've had a huge redness on the side of my nostril. At first I thought this was due to a flea bite as I was playing with my cats. Though after lots of testing, they are flea free. So then I figured it had to be a pimple, that was just stubborn as hell. it's still there, red as hell, looks like it may be emerging, but it just doesn't ever break the surface. 

I couldn't figure it out, my girlfriend thinks it may be an ingrown hair. If that is the case, I don't know how this will be solved... will just eventually go on its own? Who knows. I guess there is a lesson there, don't use tweezers to remove nose hair! LOL

In any case, I am still stumped, but have tried many things. I've tried to use Hydrocortisone, as I read this reduces inflamation by both acne and bites. Unfortunately it hasn't done a damn thing. Nor has using ice packs which I figured was an old wive's tale as well. I have tried benzoyl peroxide.. still no change.

After getting desperate, I bought Rapid Action Clearasil yesterday, after reading great reviews. Well, despite what they say, I see no damn change in 4 hours as promised, not even after 12!

Only thing I can do now is wait for a concoction of tea tree oil and see how THAT goes...

Will keep this thread updated as I continue to try everything possible under the sun to fix this damn blemish on the side of my nose...

On a side note, I will try to cut down on sugars and see if that improves my minor breakouts. I confess I do drink a lot of Cola soda drinks. From now on I will try to stick primarily to Coke ZERO, and see if that helps.

Does this make sense?

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