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How did you know Spiro was Beginning to work?

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Hi! I've been on Spiro once before, about a year ago. I was on Spiro for about 4 or 5 years and it worked WONDERFULLY. I had a crystal clear face the entire time I was on it, no matter what I did to my skin. Last year, in about July of 2016 I got tired of taking it and just stopped. I thought it had maybe contributed to my rapid and excessive weight gain which is why I stopped. I didn't notice lesions coming on until about 8 months after I stopped taking Spiro.  They were small, teeny tiny comedones and I was annoyed so I went to see a derm. Blah blah blah, she prescribed me some stuff that didn't work.  I started taking Spiro again in Late May of this year, only taking about 25 mg. though which I thought would be sufficient for my issues. Slowly but surely the acne got worse and worse, and I upped it to 75 mg. the beginning of August. Didn't see any real improvement, acne was still there, and on the 31st of August I bumped my dosage up to 125 mg. I haven't seen much result so far since increasing, other than the lesions I do get appear to be smaller than say a month or two ago but take longer to go away. Ugh. I've also noticed all the other side effects are quite prevalent at this point such as more frequent periods that are irregular, tiredness/fatigue, lots of bruising on my legs, lack of oil production and smoother skin and softer hair. I feel like since I've been on varying doses of Spiro for a good amount of time already (and the side effects are all present) I should be seeing more improvement at this point. What do you guys think? Responses suuuuper appreciated. Thanks!

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