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Intermittent Fasting HEALS SKIN & GUT

Fasting for 16-24 hours a day does wonders to balancing hormones and blood sugar. Giving your body a break from digestion to “clean up” your insides is key to clear skin. When your body stops digesting food insulin will stop being released after about 8 hours so then Human Growth Hormone will activate in your body to repair, heal and grow all of your cells. This is key for anti aging and clear skin. Skip breakfeast & eat later in the day. LOOK UP INTERMITTENT FASTING FOR HELPING CANCER, DIABETES, and other chronic diseases too. 

Insulin sensivity is responsible for almost all chronic diseases including acne! Intermittent fasting means going without calories (just water, tea, black coffee) for a period of time. Fasting helps insulin sensivity, lowers inflammation, is anti aging, and can also be seen as a spiritual cleanse. AND ITS FREE & EASY.. just stop eating & let your body HEAL ITSELF! Our bodies are very intelligent! For me, intermittent fasting helps my relationship with food & listening to my body and of course clear skin!!, listen to your body and do research before hand so it can be done properly. I recommend watching Dr. Axe videos on YouTube! 

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I knew all about it except that it healed skin. I did notice however that once I upped my water intake, I started eating less, like twice a day, and my skin got clear. 

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Fasting or just drinking a bone broth soup for a day or two and slowly introducing solids helps with stomach, and intestine issues such as inflammation triggered by foods that ones body doesn't react well with. it helps the inflammation subside if you keep eating solids and junk foods it will continue to inflame so soup fasting is good for that issue.

The reason why is inflammation causes your intestines swell up and inflame, it takes a while to have it cool down once the flare up subsides you avoid what food triggered the inflammation and slowly keep adding solids.

Avoid all processed foods, artificial chemical foods, junk foods, harsh sodas with lots of chemicals.

The  Gut healthy is the most important health of all, make sure to get good bacteria from kefir in there.


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