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Strings of whitish pasty substance from pores

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I read a really really old thread that discusses pores that endlessly produce strings of a whitish pasty substance. I was interested because i have a ton of those on either side of my cheeks, below my eyes right beside either side of my nose. The thread discusses a lot of things including topical vitamin A, carotanoids, jojoba oil (and the feedback theory), among other things. There were a few hypothesis about the cause of these pores that were discussed, namely damaged hair follicles, hyperkeratinization, and whether the whitish substance is dead skin and sebum or masses of dead Propionibacterium. 
Basically, the consensus was that stopping hyperkeratinization, shrinking the pore, reducing sebum production, and dissolving/expelling additional sebum that is produced will fix the problem.
I don't know what the cause is, and the cause probably varies from person to person, but for me topical magnesium oil (magnesium chloride) and alpha lipoic acid serum did the trick. From what I understand, magnesium oil can break down the sebum in the pore and I noticed that when using magnesium oil on damaged skin, the skin doesn't harden and then eventually flake off like it usually does which I'm assuming would be because the magnesium oil somehow stops that hyperkeratinization from happening (??). The alpha lipoic acid can help heal scars like magic because it is a very powerful antioxidant and also raises the levels of vitamin E and C in the immediate surrounding skin. It also blocks gene transcription for two genes associated with inflammation, one of which is responsible for coding for a protein that digests cellulose. There were some scars from the pores being stretched for so long (years) but they're slowly evening out and closing up as the pore produces less and less oil. Now when I press, nothing comes out anymore.

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