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Acne scars

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Sorry but i am totaly erasing your post.you might as well them to go see the fairy god mother if this is right.it isnt,therefore its edited!


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Peoples iq just dropped?

op has lots going on,ice picks,boxcar,rolling and atrophic/deeper stuff.

are they willing to pay for treatment or is this diy/at home?

first thing first,are you willing to go to a derm and pay or you want to start at home?

you got deeper stuff that cant realy be treated effectively with at home methods.

i can see tca cross on the ice picks and the smaller boxcar working.

i can see tca peels at high strength,talking 25%+ more in the 35-40% range working on the boxcar and other texture telsted stuff.

but the deeper stuff needs an invasive technique.

wouldnt suggest needling at home at all based off my own experience.

people will tell you to get subsicion which is correct with filler but this is something you have to pay for.

ontop,you got asian/dark skin and need to treat your skin as such to avoid pigment problems.

i cant say much more than hasnt been said else where in the scar topic threads.


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Best to really consult a dermatologist too. :) 

We can tell you things here which have worked personally for us but the results will not always be the same. Some that didn't work for us might work for you and vice versa. Best of luck!


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On 10/4/2017 at 3:38 AM, Mightyjo07 said:

Anyone could help me please i struggled in my whole life with this acne scars.

You mostly have medium-depth boxcars. Hard to treat? Yes. Impossible to treat? No. But it might take a long time, up to maybe 3 years. Moreover, you might need multiple treatments. In your case, subcision will be most effective IMO since you also exhibit scars that look tethered. Subcision would cut the fibrous bands that hold down the scars, leaving indentation. The whole point is to plump up the pits as much as possible from underneath by freeing up the scar bands and stimulating the collagen by doing so. You will most likely need filler as a spacer in order to prevent the same scars from binding back to the dermis. You will also benefit from RF microneedling that uses radiofrequency. Lastly, the prominent edges or borders around the scars can be smoothed out with either laser or TCA peel. 

These are all typical treatment modalities used for boxcar scars, which you might or might not know already. Please always be informed by educating yourself before you seek professional treatment. 

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