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Please help me find the correct treatment for my acne pigmentation and scarring.

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Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it, thank you! My skin is making me feel really, really bad.

I've been suffering with terrible acne recently and am currently taking a combination of antibiotics and sprionalactone. It seems to be slowly clearing the active acne, but I do struggle with a small breakout every few days. Ugh.

The thing which is bothering me now is the mess left behind on my face from the months of cystic acne I had. I have lots of red marks left behind, and huge patches of redness where I had clusters of breakouts. Another problem I have is that I'm currently living in Vietnam - so it's been difficult to find products to combat this. I have managed to find two serums in my city, and I am baffled as to which one would be better for my current skin situation, and was wondering if anyone could give me any tips!

I spotted this one in a local beauty store - Timeless B5 & Hyaluronic acid serum Ingredients: Water, Calcium Pantothenate, Hyaluronic acid, Benzylalcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid.

And there's this one hanging around at all the pharmacies, made by an acne fighting brand, sort of like Clearasil but the VN version (so I'm worried this will be harsh!).

Acnes Vitamin C Serum 10%

Ingredients - Water, Ethoxydiglycol, propylene Glycol, Absorbic Acid, Grapefruit extract, Benzylalcohol

I'm trying to get to know all these ingredients but as far as I've read both B5 and Vitamin C can be effective in scar treatment, and I'm wondering which will be best to spend on, if any. Thank you guys :) 

Edit: I forgot to mention I'm using Cetaphil to cleanse and pure aloe vera gel to soothe the redness. I also use Effaclar Duo at night to try and combat the breakouts. Any feedback on this would be appreciated - not sure if I could use the Effaclar in combination with a serum, but I really feel the Effaclar alone isn't doing much for my scarring, if anything, it seems to make the redness a little worse as it's so strong.

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

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If there is only redness it will fade over Time and if you don't have acne anymore (the best acne treatment is accutane if you have severe cistic acne but There are other option)
if you have indented scar then you have to use needling like dermastamp (look at owndoc.com)
if you have Brown mark and if they don't fade over Time (let your skin heal) then use bleaching cream like acid kojic,hydroquinone ect...

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The best treatment for pigment issues or PIE early wounding from acne scarring is laser. Vbeam, IPL, Excel V, or 1064nm laser. It will take several treatments. Some need steriods for stuborn scars. Skin whitening creams and retin a work for some, ... for others acid peels work. 

More about all this on the faq (top post of the acne scar sub). Goto the skin section and PIE.

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13 hours ago, Sam said:

Please research hydroquinone bc it can cause cancer.

Only when you use it for a long time. Normally, when using hydroquinone, you use it for 3 months straight, then go off it for 3 months. so on and off. Not continuously. Also depends on the strength, you can only get 4% as a prescription or esthetician. What you can find in drug stores have a maximum 3%.

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Thanks guys but what I'm really looking for is what I can try to use before any pricey treatments. These are some I'm considering - any thoughts?


  • Paula's Choice RESIST 10% Niacinamide Booster
  • Paula's Choice RESIST Hyaluronic Acid Booster
  • Caudalie SOS Serum
  • Timeless B5 & Hyluronic Acid Serum
  • ACNES (Vietnamese Brand) Vitamin C Serum (Ingredients - Water, Ethoxydiglycol, propylene Glycol, Absorbic Acid, Grapefruit extract, Benzylalcohol) It's 10%.
  • Timeless Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum. It's 20% - worried Vit E could clog pores?
  • Timeless Hyluronic Acid + Vit C Serum.


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I cannot tell you the exact one to get niacinamide if good, paulas choice is good, Albutin, and Konjic are good Amazon the reviews. Email Paulas and ask about a whitening serum. HA acid won't do anything for this.  You know who is really good at this stuff http://www.reddit.com and sign up for skincareaddiction thousands on there and all about topicals also there is a asianskincare one linked off the main one who uses the whitening serums. 

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