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okay so ive had horrible acne this entire year and no matter what i do it won't go away!!! ive tried everything from black soap, the regimen and even prescriptions and my skin won't get better!!! im thinking of going on accutane because im hopeless at this point. my acne is making me very depressed and insecure and im tired of it. what should i do? could it be coming from internal issues? i try to drink a lot of water but i haven't been eating healthy recently. i had clear skin last summer and i never even washed my face!!! now i have pimples everywhere, blackheads on my chin and huge sebaceous filaments on my nose. my pores are horrible too. i just don't know what to do. i asked my family doctor if she would prescribe it a few months ago but she said she didn't recommend it. should i just go to a dermotolagist instead? IMG_9339.JPG

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Get back to eating healthy. I found that when my skin was at its clearest it was because I had been avoiding over indulging on wheat products and not consuming any processed sugar. During this winter I dropped my diet and sure enough, the pimples came back worse than ever. I am now back on track to eating healthy and have cleared all acne on my chin and am now only left with hyperpigmentation. 

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