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Been getting these really big painful pimples on my nose since I was 13. I'm 15 now. I randomly feel pain on my nost and a couple days later a huge pimples forms with no head or point. It doesn't happen as much in the summer when I'm at home but a lot during school months. This is honestly making me feel disgusted as it's been happening for so long. Doctor only prescribed Tactupump Forte and nothing else. Should I take accutane unprescriped?
I don't get much pimples anywhere else.
having big pimples on my nose literally shattered my confidence, I can't even look at people :(

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Same answer i gove most,personaly i would say you need anti biotics to help your body immune system kill the acne causing bacteria.you might have sone fungal infection,i notice breakouts around the hairline and moustache area?

Spots are caused primarily by bacteria and inflammation so killing bacteria and stopping inflammation is no1 concern if you suffer acne or any other skin disorder that flates up in this way.

wash with just clean warm water,pat dry with a clean dry towel.try not yo squeeze your spots,it makes it worse,let the head develop and rise up to the top layers of your skin,squeezing makes it swell inside amd its bad.

get to your dr,get some anti biotics first and see how your skin reacts.

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