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Doing a Fitness photo shoot!!

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I was at my lowest point in my life last week after having a few cysts. My self confidence had got so bad my mom had me see a therapist. I started to turn to god for help. And sure enough he was right there beside me. after 5 Years of hard work finaly paid off. 6 days ago I got a call from a Fitness modeling company I applied for last year. I had a interview and they want me to go to florida for a photo shoot. Its like my dream to do something like this. And since that day I havent got any acne ....Maybe cus im happy I dont know but Im going to enjoy it and do the best I can.......I posted a pic on my sig ........Later biggrin.gif

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hey im really really happy for u! thats awesome! biggrin.gif

im really glad to hear that things are workin out for u! and also to hear that u haven't gotten any new acne!!! thats so exciting!

oh and by the way, i can tell why they called u, ur muscle are incredible.....u really look like the type that would be in a fitness magazine, so congratulations!

and good luck with the photo shoot! and have fun! biggrin.gif

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Good for you...! It's kind of weird, I know a Nick C that lifts weights and he looks a bit like you...hm. Anyway, congrats...like, wow, my arm is not even like what, 1/4 of yours? lol, quite an accomplishment.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

I'll let the fights go on for a couple more pages...so once all aggression is satisfied, then I'm sure somebody will move this to the dump.

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To everyone involved.

There's an ignore function, and personal messages for this nonsense.

Whatever issues you guys all have with each other, wouldn't it make more sense to discuss it privately?


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thats cool, you can delete all the posts that u'd like but you cant take away the fact that nick and others are 2-faced here. You are just setting up other people to be a victim to nick and his 2 faces, oh well, we showed people here who he really is...delete all the post's you want

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Hello Vanessa smile.gif

yeah, from the looks of it many of the other people posting in this thread were not that smart.

I have just spent the last ten minutes deleting these inflammatory posts. Please can everyone chill out and stop with the aggresive shit. Repeated breaking of board rules, ie:

"5. Fighting is not welcome. Feel free to disagree with another member's point of view, but do not attack them personally. "

will result in banning. We won't hesitate to ban anyone, regardless of your post count, if you continue posting in an aggresive and inflammatory manner.



On behalf of the Moderating team.

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