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Big red pimple/cyst wont go away and I dont know if Its one or multiple pimples. Help!

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Basically, a month ago i had a giant blackhead next to a VERY small kind of like pimple/whitehead. And i popped the blackhead Because i thought that was the one who was hurting, But turns out it was the small small pimple like thing right next to it. So the in the next couple of days a big pea sized pimple grew and grew, and for about 1 and a half weeks it was completely round with No heads at all. But then one day i woke up with multiple yellow heads to my pimple. I decided not to Pick it Since i wanted it to go away naturally. Well a couple days ago i woke up with dried up blood on one of the yellow things sticking out of my pimple. And the next day all of the yellow things turned red and i have No idea if to will ever go away. 

Btw my pimple is really red and has been soft ever since it started forming

this is What it looks like from the front


This a what it looks like from the side


Does anyone know How i can get rid of this motherf"er Cause Its really embarrassing to have on our nose. 

And if you think it might be multiple pimples then please Tell me. 


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