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Open pores after using copper peptides

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I recently used niod cais after hearing all the buzz. I used for a month and suddenly noticed open pores around my cheeks and mouth. I panicked and bought bha exfolients and used for a few weeks. No difference. One month in there is no change. Thinking of taking a hands off approach now. I am terrified I have done permanent damage to my previously good skin. Please tell me this isn’t permanent. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am starting to obsess over it.


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These are just large pores. Stop all acids, exfoliants and hard soaps. Use only a gentle product, moisturize and heal your skin. Clear and Brilliant is a laser that works for large pores, Infini RF is also good for large pores. If they do some sort of resurfacing you must go beneath the pores.

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Beautifulambition,is Clear and Brilliant good for large pores on nose.If not,do you know what would help large nose pores and nose scars.

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Both Infini and clear and brillaint are good for large pores / scarred macules. Also used are dilute meso botox, and heavy resurfacing going under the pore called profractional with a ER:yag. For the nose it's not typical skin (Collagen), lots of greasy sweaty glands so for this area they often use CO2 for "Rhinophyma" resurfacing with great results. Look up that term on youtube and you will see some laser procedures. 

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Thank you for your reply. I have cut back to just cleanser, rosehip oil and a moisturiser with spf in the day.
i read that rosehip oil can help. Or should I just stick to a basic moisturiser?
my skin looks so rough compared to before. I am so angry at myself. I feel like I have aged about 5 years overnight. My makeup doesn’t sit right anymore.
Is it likely to improve over time if my skin some TLC? I will consider laser in a years time I think if things don’t improve. I am hoping my skin just needs some time to renew.

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