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I'm new here but have been visiting the site for as long as I can remember, I have finally just signed up.

My story so far, i'll keep it short and sweet! I'm a white 23 year old female!

I first got 'spots' when I was in year 6(uk) so that's maybe like 10-11 years old) not bad spots but still spots. I had mild acne all through high school, wasnt horrendous and tbh it never has been. But still whitheads on cheeks, chin etc. Throughout that time I was on anti biotics, treatments etc but nothing seemed to ever work!

About 5 years ago I went on dianette (pill) and it cleared up beautifully. I was so happy. The downside was it gave me enormous anxiety and slight depression so I came off it. I went on Marvelon, and after a year or so, it came back. Never really really bad but bad enough for me.

I went on Dianette a second time and again, it cleared up beautifully but the mental scars from anxiety and depression were not worth it, so, I came off again. Marvelon was the pill I was put on.

I have been off Dianette about 9 months now and the acne has returned! I kind of blame myself, I was so bad at taking Marvelon and was eating so many takeaways! I'm naturally really slim so I never think about my weight but man, my skin hates it, clearly!
I have been using clinque anti-blemish 3 step system and my other half thinks it has helped but i'm still not sure, it hasnt got worse but hasnt improved dramatically. i have been on it about 6 weeks maybe?

so... now i'm trying acnecide, i've used it before years ago but i'm trying again!

 I used it last night for the 1st time and woken up with dry skin( expected). I used clinique this morning. I have dry patches which looks shit with makeup so need a moisturiser, any suggestions?!? 

I'm going to note down everyday my adventure with Acnecide for you all! Anyone out there have any suggestions for moisturiser? or can tell me how their journey with acnecide is going/went?!

Porsher xx

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