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Scars situation

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Hello, guys! Hope everyone is doing well around here. So, I finished an Accutane course 9 months ago, it worked really well but unfortunately I have been left with scars. Last time I spoke to my derm was about 6 months ago and we talked about a session of Emax laser in the autumn, to see if it does well on my skin. Because of my schedule, I can't get an appointment for little while, so I went to a different clinic I wanted to go for a while, just to see what they say, too, since I didn't have anything better to do that day.

All this time I had the CO2 laser in mind, but the derm was pretty adamant towards the Dermapen treatment (once a month for 6 months). He explained me the pros and cons of CO2, but he still recommended me the Dermapen. CO2 seems like a massive pain in the ass. I've been battling acne for such a long time, it feels like a lifetime and honestly, I don't know if I want to go through the whole process of getting CO2 laser, especially with all the cons and obviously not being guaranteed anything, it might end up in being a waste of time and money.

I don't even know how bad my scars are right now, some days are better, some worse, depending on lighting and time of day etc. Honestly, I just want a little bit of improvement, I know the scar treatments aren't doing excellent at the moment, so I'm not expecting miracles. I think I'll just try to fix my scars once and just call it a day if nothing improves, I'll just deal with them, because I'm drained of energy after all these years with acne.

I took some photos, trying to get different lighting, from good to worst. I don't think they look that bad, but they look pretty awful in bad lighting. Also, I think they look worse because I edited my face out, so the focus is on the scars only. I'm also 7-8kg overweight and I noticed a lot of fat went into my face, will the scars look worse when I lose weight?

So, what you guys think? Thank you for reading, I wish you the best of luck!





















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I don't see CO2 or Dermapen helping you. Dermapen may give a little help. Yes when you loose weight scars show up more, the fat is not hiding them. 

I cannot tell from those pics,  being close enough. Looks to me like Shallow Box cars and or some icepicks.

You would do well with rf microneedle, brands are infini rf, vivance. You would need a few of those.

Next your would do Nokor Subcision and you would need a few of those, this lifts the spots up.

Finally you would need several TCA peels for texture, or a sedated stronger peel by a doctor. 

Scar revision takes times, sometimes 3 years, ... depends on your down time.

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thank you, don't know if you've tried, but you can click on the photo, click on full size on bottom left and then there's a magnifying glass to zoom in. do you know anything about Emax laser? I'm going to ask my main derm about my scars later next month as well. how bad would you say my scars are? thanks again!

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Prob with laser is,the deeper it gos the more harm its gonna do to your skin.laser is for top layers of skin,you got scars that go into the epidermis at minimum,going even to the collagen level so laser is a no go,waste of money.

you be better to tca cross at home you ice picks and tinier boxcar.

its gonna do more than laser.

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I do not endorse laser here. It will not fix your issues and just make them wider. You must fix your boxcars before you do resurfacing. Lasers have side effects that I have discussed many times. Infini rf micorneedling, followed by subcision with a nokor needle and finally tca peels when the surface is more even (This is better than laser, less side effects). 

Quad is right TCA can help alot but you must do several treatments to get there. TCA Cross is for smaller icepicks and box cars. You can read about all this in the faq , first post of the scar sub. 

Your scars are minimal, No fat loss. 

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thank you very much. I'll talk to my derm and I'll make a decision, I'll make a thread as well. thanks again, good luck!

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