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Acne gets better and then worse

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Im a male and I have been using paula's choice bha and bp for about 6.5 months and my acne has been reduce significantly my forehead and chin area is almost clear all the time, except my chin gets some acne after I shave. My problem is the two sides of my cheek. When I was starting out on my new regimen, if one side got better the other would get worse. Now few days ago I felt like I was getting clear cheeks for the first time in about a year but then they would start to suddenly get two to three acne all of a sudden. It's been like this for a few weeks. And I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Dairy and eggs seem like they don't affect my acne a whole lot since b/c I have been off of dairy and nothing seems to change. What am I doing wrong? Is this normal? Have you guys had his type of a problem?

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Yes i faced this kind of problem for this you must use some cleansers which has been bought my more number of customers. Generally Acne's occur only on cheeks you must keep on using the same cleanser or cream and you shouldn't use multiple products. Also you must do a gentle facewash twice a day in order to remove dead cells from your skin. Recently i have bought a good product by going through a website and its really working well and now i don't have any Acne's or scars on my skin.

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I did experience this to the point that I was almost in denial. The product (cleanser) was so expensive that I thought it can't be this product that's breaking me out. I've never experienced bumps (cystic even) as many as I had with it and it also made my skin dry. So there, for about 3 weeks I decided to completely not use it. I so loved the smell and friends recommended it to me but it simply is not for me.

Really disappointed because I can't get my money back for it and at the same time made my skin worse. :(

Guess we just really have to find that one product which suits our skin well. Sometimes we just want to make ourselves believe and force love a product but unfortunately, our skin says STOP!!!! :P

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