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Is a "healthy" diet actually worse in the long run?

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I've eliminated so many things that I can barely eat anything anymore. Right now I'm at a point where I can't even enjoy food and I'm so sick of everything I have to eat. I've seriously have had enough! 

I feel like my skin may have actually suffered from such a restrictive, low calorie diet. 

I know for sure I am not eating enough. On top of that, the restrictions are so stressful. 

At the same time, I feel like if I don't do something, then I will blame myself for the acne and the scars. 

I'm not sure which is worse, eating whatever and getting acne but having better skin tone, texture, or being so damn restrictive that life just becomes a nuisance and skin is still shitty but less breakouts. 


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I used to be able to eat walnuts and eggs and not breakout. I haven't had them in awhile and now eating them I'm breaking out. The question is will I continue to break out if I eat them or does my body have to get use to it again. 

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Your title is misleading. Its not a healthy diet if you're restricting yourself to the point of starving. I would encourage seeing a nutritionist, because it seems like its gotten to a point where you fear food and that can lead to other issues (ie. eating disorders).

You can always count calories (Not so you eat less, but actually hit all of your micro/macro nutrients). You can also SLOWLY start eliminating certain foods.

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