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Eating so much because Im sad

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Ever since I moved to a different state ( a year ago) I've had awful eating habits.  I'm 17 years old and I've had acne since 8th grade. My acne isn't awful and I know it could be a lot worse, but there's  not a week that goes by where I don't get 5 or more pimples on my face ( forehead and sides) . I understand the correlation between certain foods and acne and how things like dairy, processed foods, sugars, white bread, etc can cause you acne .  I'm a clean eater at home, and my mom even makes delicious healthy meals for me daily! MY problem is that I'm not consistent. Even if im   fairly healthy most of the time if the opportunity strikes to eat crappy foods I will take it. WHether it's from my friends , at work, or school I have no self control . My problem is that I don't even eat normal portions it's like 6 cookies and 5 pieces of chocolate or something crazy, I can't stop after one !. Even when I'm eating healthy I'd say the amount of food I eat is pretty crazy, like I eat copious amounts of my fruit, almond butter, veggies. I'm a dedicated runner and am part of varsity on my team, so I do burn a lot of calories daily which is why I don't gain much weight . I feel like ever since I moved I feel and looks so different and I'm so freaking insecure more than I ever been in my life especially since I dont fit in in my new school and feel so ugly all the time. Eating is legit the only thing that makes me truly happy and it sounds so stupid but its true. I'm fed up with this vicious cycle and I'm not sure what to do . I just miss my old self a year ago, I felt good about myself, had no acne ( was on antibiotics), had great friends atm y old school . Now im at the peak of my sadness and there's nothing that really makes me happy. I need help :(

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