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Can laser/other scar treatment make acne come back?

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Hello! I finished a course of Accutane 9 months ago and I'm about to go to the derm to see what options I have to treat my scars. What are the chances the acne comes back after laser/other scar treatment? Should I be worried? Thank you, guys!

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No idea, can't predict something like that. Your body could be hormonal or depends how you heal, internal structures, etc... Goto a doctor for scar treatment and they can better manage any concern you may have and give you solutions. A certain percentage suffer with adult acne for life but many find clearance with time / Accutane / topicals. 

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thank you, yeah. I'm going to ask my derm about it, hopefully my skin remains clear, Accutane worked wonders for me so far.

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I haven't heard of any scar treatments causing acne to return.

I first contracted acne when I was about 12 years old,it left me with mild scarring.I then got Arthritis at the age of 22 which caused my hormones to be unbalanced.The acne returned with a vengeance leaving me with severe scarring.

I believe acne is caused by a chemical called Dioxin,and not what the Dr's are telling us.
Dioxin is a very dangerous chemical,it is the cause of alot of deceases,especially cancer (don't eat farm Salmon).If iirc,the governments didn't realised how dangerous Dioxin was until the 1960's.They then decided to faded this chemical out,and by 1982 they had faded it out by 82%.

Please research the below topics,then decide for yourself.

Agent Orange.
This chemical was used to kill plantation in the Vietnam war so the army could see their enemies.Agent Orange contained Dioxin,Dioxin was the cause of Chloracne,a skin decease.

Ukraine President,Viktor Yushchenko.
Someone poisoned him with Dioxin in 2004 which caused him to get acne and severe scarring.Look at the photos of him,before and after he was poisoned.  

I had swimming lessons in middle school,I would swim in the local river with friends.The river was being polluted by a chemical factory close by which I wouldn't have been aware of a young age.It was only when I grew up,and the internet,that I realised the chemical factory must have been  polluting this river with Dioxin (I must have swollowed some of the water)This,and all the research I've done makes me believe Dioxin is the caused by acne.Even after contracting Arthritis,I still believe Dioxin was the cause of my second acne due to the chemical still being in my body.

Btw,Dioxin is very difficult to get out of your system bc it sticks to the fatty tissue,it stay in your system for 30 years or more.I think this is the reason why some ppl have acne for many years


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