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Hair loss on Spironolactone and generic Yaz, with high testosterone levels

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Hi there! I am a 21 year old with previously thick hair trying to figure out what's going on. No females in my family have ever pre maturely lost their hair. 

Ive had acne all my life, so my derm prescribed me Spironolactone 50mg and generic yaz which seemed to be helping my acne. About 8 months after starting spiro, I noticed my hair thinning and the texture changed completely. I had always had a lot of hair, so when it came out in the shower or on my brush I was never concerned. And I never had clumps come out or anything. 

After getting many blood tests done, my endocrinologist told me my testosterone levels were high and that was the sole cause of hair loss. He basically said there was nothing he could do but increase the spiro dosage to 200mg. So I've been on 200 mg, yaz, saw palmetto, fish oil, and biotin for the past 6 months, but my hair loss is getting worse. 

Im wondering if anyone might have any thoughts on whether the spiro and yaz together couldve caused the hair loss initially?

My moms testosterone levels are high like mine, and her hair is incredibly thick. My endocrinologist just says that my initial dose of spiro 50mg was helping to slow the inevitable hair loss that was in my future. And I'm frustrated that increasing the dosage has only made it worse after 6 months. Again, no clumps falling out, just a very wide part and the back of my scalp showing through my hair!! 

Anyones thoughts or experiences would help. It's been a hard year. Thanks!

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