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Very unusual lesion

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Greetings! I only just found this site about an hour ago and I'm not yet terribly familiar with it. I ask in advance for patience if I have chosen the wrong topic or if I make formatting errors. I'm pretty nervous by my discovery on my face. 
Recently ive had some prettt severe seasonal allergy problems that have been causing severe itchy and watery eyes, nose, and skin on my face. As a result, my skin has been terribly dry and combined with the scratching I'm obviously guilty of during the night I'm breaking out some. This alone is nothing unusual. I have a few pimplesat least 4-5 days a month. 
There was a zit on my chin yesterday and it was without a head but very red and painful. Normally these get left alone and will disappear in  few days. 
Late last night I noticed that the previously rounded shape had begun to elongate down toward my neck. As the last 24 hours have passed it's gotten even longer and is still narrow. I can feel the whole thing from my bottom of my lip to the underside of my chin altnough the outermost parts aren't yet painful or swollen they're still palpable. Essentially it feels like a tube shaped lump and it's. Quite painful. In only 8 hours it's become a pretty concerning lump. The actual initial zit is still there she very hard. I haven't noticed any head or oozing. 
I've had tunneling MRSA before but in my thigh and a lot bigger. This is itchy and fast growing like a staph infection. 

Im just at loss. I've googled everything I. Can think of without any luck. I plan to make an appointment witha doc but I'll be a new patient and likely will wait to be seen. Should I go to an er? This thing is over an inch long and a 1/4 inch wide. It was normal until maybe 8 hrs ago when the incredibly fast growth began. 

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I think we could do with a picture to help you more but a dr is best advice at this moment.we are not drs and realy the dr should be first stop for most people although we can only try to help.

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Unfortunately its not visible except for the normal pimple appearance that it started out as. The rest is deep in the tissue so while it is palpable the unusual part of it isn't visible. ☹️

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