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Are there any other men out there who think their acne might be hormonal?  I hear it all the time for women, especially when they suggest birth control for them, but damn near nothing for us.  I used to be a chronic masturbator (sorry for the TMI) sometimes doing it multiple times a day and the acne was worse then TBH.  Still seem to have the problem though I only do it like once a week at most.  So basically I can't have sex without worrying about a cystic breakout on my body.  Not that it's much a surprise of course that I'm still a virgin at almost 30 because of how fugly and midgety I am and I don't blame women for despising me and coldly rejecting me because of this (I don't blame anyone for being shallow either; we are visual and hormonal creatures though some more than others and that's the stark, cold truth... I wish people would stop blaming the media because people were petty, judgmental assholes BEFORE TV too) and won't have a random lay out of desperation.   Maybe I'm meant to be alone and die a virgin :(  That would suck but hey I know how unfair, unforgiving and cruel of a bitch mother nature can be so it wouldn't surprise me either.

Something helpful to know is that my dad had body acne too when he was alive.  Most of the time I hope I die younger than he did so I can finally be through with this life.  Life sucks.

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No. Not from sex.

ALthough, I think it is partly hormonal.

Try this: go to a tanning salon that has 20 minute beds. The old school, lay down kind.

Go for a 12 minute session every other day. Only tan your face or your body where there is acne - remember, you're not trying to get tan, just kill p acnes and generate vitamin d.

if you live in a sunny place, wear a zinc based sunscreen on your face outside since your already hitting it with uva uvb at the salon.

you can also add in a couple of light beers every night as that will lower your hormones a touch.

if the salon works, buy a home tanning lamp and you're set. 

Take your new complexion to the west coast and start auditioning. 


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I believe it is. But I'm no expert.

I think that regular alcohol consumption is linked with lower T in men.

If you search it on google you'll find many studies on this.

Count the winos with full heads of hair. More than average for their respective age groups.

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Hey wannabe.

Did you ever try washing with distilled water?

Try it. There are many who have had success that way, or made enough progress that the regimen here has then worked for them.

if the distilled water works, then try filtered.

if filtered works. Good enough. 

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