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Benzoyl peroxide works too well?

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I started the regimen last week and have had a weird, I hope, temporary result - tiny dimples where my acne cosmetica is clearing up. I swear I have not picked! Background: over 50 skin-no longer cystic, but will break out in a second from a product with oil. Skin is thinner and more sensitive than when I was young, after years of Retin A, Accutune and Dermabrasion. Had used MD Formulations slightly tinted sunscreen for years with no moisturizer. Don’t wear foundation. Getting a bit dry so started Peter Thomas Roth 10% Glycolic Moisturizer or Anthelios SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer. Then I began mixing the Anthelios SPF 15 with the tinted Ultralight SPF 60 to get a “dewier” look and stopped using MD Formulations. Noticed a few small blackheads so went back to Roth Glycolic moisturizer with MD Formulations sunscreen mixed with the LaRoche Posay Anthelios XL BB Cream. All these are said to be non-comedogenic.

I have given up obsessively inspecting my skin 2”  from the mirror but a couple of weeks ago noticed my chin felt very rough. When I looked closely it looked “congested” - the whole area with little bumps under the skin and a few blackheads. Internet search seems to identify as acne cosmetica. So I ordered the acne.org kit except for cleanser (had been using LaRoche-Posay Tolerane Purifying Cleanser). After two days I noticed some of the little milia type things working their way out and did not squeeze them AT ALL. After another day I noticed little holes/indentations where they had been. My pores were tiny after dermabrasion so I hope they are just temporarily “stretched out.” Have stopped everything except started MD Formulations UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46. There is still more congestion but I am afraid to continue the BP. Help!

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Hello Artbabe,

I'm sorry to hear about your skin.
Our best advice is to use Acne.org products to get completely clear. Make sure that you use them as exactly as outlined in The Acne.org Regimen page and you can expect clear skin.

There is no need to use any other acne treatment (topical or oral - herbal or pharmaceutical) while using the Acne.org Regimen products. The Acne.org Regimen products are powerful, effective and proven. Using additional acne treatments in conjunction to the Acne.org Regimen products is unnecessary and may negatively affect your results.

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