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Accutane redness and flushing

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Hi I've been on accutane for 5 months (Month one: 20mg, 2-5 60mg) and I started out with pretty severe cystic acne. I'm about 130 pounds  I've never had severe acne like this before until this year. My acne itself has been decreased by a lot,  but I will be entering month 6 soon (my final month) and I'm still getting about 2-3 pimples a week. Also, my scars are extremely red. Whenever I take a cold shower, my scars seem to calm down and my face is pretty white, and the scars are dark which is what I expect. But when I do a task, eat, etc. my face flares up. I feel my face and ears getting really hot and my scars are blood red. I have never experienced a face flush before getting on accutane. I am not exposed to the sun because I don't go out because of my acne I stay home. It's annoying because I expected my face to be acne free and my scars to be mostly calmed down and on the verge of being healed. I make sure to moisturize twice a day with non- comedegenic Cerave / Cetaphil mositurizer, I don't eat spicy foods, and I drink a ton of water . What am I doing wrong ? My scars and acne aren't really "80% cured" like  doctor said they would be. I'm concerned if I should be taking a higher dosage cause of how severe my acne is. My doctor says at my weight level that 60mg  when  I should be taking, and 80mg  higher would be a risk/dangerous. I made sure to include before pictures, when my face was at its initial sever cystic acne, said now when my face is calm and when it's flared. Also I would really like to know about how long it will take for my scars to begin fading. I'm really curious on how to solve this issue.




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Im on accutane  20 day ago before finished, and i have facial flushing when im exposure to heat or i'm stressed
tell me if the redness and flushing facial disappears after finished accutane and how long ?
thank you :) .

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The left part of my face also gets red when i take hot showers or get panicked or just scratch a little.Any suggestions what may be causing it and how to get rid of it ?
Edit : I am not on accutane. I went to my derm and he precribed a new face gel containi g dapsone and adapelene and said niacinamide in my previous gel might be causing redness.
Also is safe to apply adapelene on red areas and is it good for PIH ?

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It takes about one year for it to fade, speaking from my experience. It will of course get better and better during the process.

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