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Acne scar treatment required and type of scar

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Nice results. Yea everything does seem to look on the same plane now. I guess peels are your next move. What type of filler did you use and how many cc?
thnx also are you located in the u.s?

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Scarsarejustmemories, I just happened to click on this site today.  I have been gone a long time.  I believe part of TotalFX is useless and the only part that will work is DeepFX.  DeepFX is similar to Fraxel Repair. I have had 5 Fraxel Repairs performed at maximum Joules and achieved good results.  Most doctors will not crank up the Joules and this results in substandard results.  With that said, I believe with your darker complexion the laser is not a good idea because you could end up with discoloration.  I am not up on current treatments so I will leave the other guys to talk about that.  I just wanted to clear up a misconception about the efficacy of specifically Fraxel Repair  because it is effective for many people.

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I’ve decided not to do peels as I hyperpigmet easily, I live in Malaysia and did the treatment in Malaysia, used about 1cc filler each side, the filler brand is Neuramis from korea

Improvement i would say about 70%, sometimes it looks like totally gone especially in the morning. For Deep FX the Dr used high power and low density. Even 1 treatment did so much damage imagine 5 . It’s just my opinion but I will not do any laser anymore 

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