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Should I do the caveman regimen

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Ok so I need people's opinion. I'm a junior im high school and unfortunately am dealing with acne. My acne began in 8th grade and continued through freshman year. Then sophomore year it completely went away, nothing, clear perfect skin. (Seeing pictures from then makes me kinda sad lol). This was with not really having a strict diet at all I was having lots of dairy and eating pretty much whatever I wanted. I never really washed my face just at night I'd apply a benzoyl peroxide cream. But anyways my acne started to come up again around may. And i think it was due to a lot of stress... or maybe the weather starting to heat up... not sure. Fast forward to September and I'm still getting pimples. Why? I've tried so many products and nothing. Recently my mom had gotten me proactive but it's only gotten worse for the past two weeks. It started to work then got worse. I've contemplated doing the caveman regimen because that's when my skin was at its best when I wasn't putting tons of crap on my face. I'm just scared I'll expect the same results and not get them. So my question is, should I? Should I stop using proactive or keep at it? Tbh my confidence hasn't been the same since all the pimples especially since the fact that I used to have clear skin. I'd really appreciate your guy's opinion, thank all you guys in advance, and god bless! And if you're struggling with acne I hope yours gets better!

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You sound like your pretty young,do something right before you start spending loads of money on topicals.

some think the world is gonna end cos they got like 3 spots and completely overblow their condition and make it sound like wars broken out!if we cant see it we cant evaluate it.

get to your dr and get some anti biotics,just be sure if you get penecillin based that your not allergic to it.lets start fighting this inside.

keep your hygene good,wash with warm water only,use a clean towel to pat your face dry every time.dont touch your face and keep your hands clean,keep your general hygene clean and your bedding.

do you suspect you might be sensitive to anything you are eating?

regardless,go visit a dr and get a course of anti biotics,this is the place to start,if uts caused by bacteria then lets kill the bacteria.

stay in touch and let us know what your doing.

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