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Need people's input

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Does anyone have any experience or input on a book called Acne no more by mike Walden??  I'm really considering following a strict diet and this holistic method of curing acne that I've heard from some people. 
I'm at the verge of starting my third cycle of accutane. Literally sitting on my dresser, but I want to avoid taking it at all cost; part of me is feeling so hopeless where I want to go home and just start taking it again, another part of me is fighting it and telling me to NOT take it and maybe try a natural way. I don't have severe acne. But I'm starting to see the little bumps coming out. Im
turning 30 in  few days. I'm 5,6-125 lbs; i might lack some of the nutrients my body requires, but I don't consider my self completely unhealthy. I can't start breaking out again. It depresses me. Makes me an angry person at times. I know it could be worse. Thankfully (so far) it's just my forehead. I literally have clear skin everywhere else. I don't get it. It's just my forehead that gets attacked. 
Im running out of options. 
Sjould I just say F IT and go ahead with my third round of 40mg accutane? I can't say it doesn't work. Literally within a month most likely less than that, my son is clear. But of course, only lasts about 6-8 months, and then it's all over again

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I did 2 courses of accutane and almost wanted to go for my 3rd round. Didn't really cure me 100% and the effects only lasted less than a year. For me, it's not worth it to go for another round, the side effects are just too risky.

I'm leaning towards the natural approach since you can't go wrong with it. Patience is the key. Starting an elimination diet, keeping a food diary, stick to a clean diet for 3-6months and see if it does improve your skin.

Accutane may take months before seeing results, so is a diet change(without the nasty side effects).

I know how you feel, it is depressing, but let's all help each other. Let's heal our body, let's heal our skin. We can do this.

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