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blackhead on cheek become a red bump!! helppp

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A few months back, I saw a blackhead on my cheek and tried to pop it (I know it's stupid to pop it but.. oh well), but nothing came out. It became red and swell by a little. At first I thought that the redness and swelling will be gone very quickly but it didn't!! For the first few days, the red bump actually hurts whenever i touch it, but it doesn't hurt as much after a few weeks. The bump (which look like a pimple) has been on my face for a few months already and it did not go away.. :'(   My mom asked me to go to my usual facial place but I am afraid that the beautician would think that it is a pimple and try to squeeze it. What should I do?? 


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Red is PIE or post wounding from acne. It's not a scar. The quickest solution for PIE is laser V-beam, or ipl, or 1064nm, or excel v. For alternative cures goto the top of the acne scar sub and the very first post is "Faq" goto the skin section, and PIE. To heal these things naturally takes a year sometimes and does well with things like emu oil, aloe vera, etc...


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