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hey, very aggravated right now. im 25 yr old male and ive had acne for a little over a year and have been on 100mg doxycyline twice a day for nine months, seems to help keep cysts away. also was prescribed metrogel which did nothing for my face. now i am on retnin a for about 2 weeks, doesnt seem to help. my dermatologist also told me to shave with a "Bump free" razor, what a joke that was, i am white and it says it is a razor for african americans. is there any hope for me. my acne isnt severe, by anymeans, but enough to depress me. any suggestions or advice. thanks :D

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You sound a little impatient. Two weeks is nothing in regard to Retin-A. I hope that you got Retin-A Micro. You might have a bad break out before you start to improve. It will take a few months to see the positive effects. The Bumpfighter razor that you refer to is marketed mainly to African Americans because of the way their facial hair grows. They tend to get serious ingrown hairs and razor bumps. The Bumpfighter is a single blade disposable razor. It doesn't matter what color your skin is; your derm was trying to help you. Did you even try it? I used Metrogel quite a while ago and it did nothing for me.

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Yes you are right, i am being a little impatient. It is just aggravating, that one week my skin is clear and then the next week it breaks out. yes i have been using the bump free razor. And after some research, i found out that i need to be on the retin a much longer to see some results. thanks. :?

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