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Extreme dead skin build up + Horribly painful stinging eyes.

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I have a couple of problems that I believe are caused by excessive oil production. 

First, is that I have an excessive amount of dead skin on my face. When I get out of the shower my face is literally covered in thick white dead skin, I've gotten rid of it before with Aquaphor + moisturizer but it came back less than a week later, full throttle spreading all over my face again. I've been taking fish oil, multivitamins, drinking tons of water and moisturizing but it hasn't had any effect. I do not believe this is dermatitis/psirorisis etc., there is no redness/irritation or itching.
It's especially bad beside my nose, on my nose and inbetween my eyebrows. It is extremely thick in these areas. 

The dead skin is also causing enlarged pores so I'm really freaking out. 

The second, is that I believe oil is getting in my eyes constantly and it stings horribly and I have to rush to the sink or shower and rinse them out. After doing so they feel fine for a while and then it returns. My fingers feel very slick and oily when I rub my eyes with water to rinse them. So, I want to try some kind of supplement to decrease oil production. Does anyone know of anything that could help? Things I've read online that might help are: Zinc, vitamin B5, saw palmetto and rosemary. Some people say they helped while others said they had no effect so I'm not sure what to believe. Can anyone suggest anything? I'm going insane over this.

Here is a post that describes exactly what is going on with my eyes:

Please help. I'm desperate and so miserable.

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I used to have the same issue - dead skin cells sitting on my face (it is now limited only to my noise area b/c of an oily t-zone). I simply started exfoliating. Because I have oily skin, I have to exfoliate more often than dry or combo skin individuals. You can use either AHA, BHA (what I use b/c its better for oily skin), and a bit of manual exfoliation. In addition, I also use the oil cleansing method using jojoba oil before I shower at night. I mostly do this because I use sunscreen every single day and a cleanser alone is not sufficient to remove the sunscreen.

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