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Ok so i know this is only my second day and all, but my skin feels soo good and i dont have any new zits, but the thing im most impressed with is my skin isnt the slightest bit oily anymore. It didnt get oily all day yesterday, and when i woke up this morning my face wasn't an oil slick like it usually is. If it continues to work this well, I will definately buy this kit again, it's well worth the mony to have normal, non oily skin. And my old zits are healing nicely too. And my wrinkles are less noticable too. What more could you want. This is awsome. I pray it stays this way.

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This stuff is great, i wore makeup for the first time since i started useing this, and my makeup is still on, my skin is still not oily just balanced. And i still have no new zits, the old ones are going away fast. You guys should serriously try this stuff, espically if you have oily skin(omg mine was soo oily it was unreal)

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That skincare line actually sounds REALLY good. I mean the ingredients are great and the cleanser doesn't use sodium laureth sulfate which is irritating AND comedogenic. I used to wash with cleansers with SLS and they made my pores more clogged and left my face irritated. And it's in most acne cleansers Argh.

Anyway I ordered the moisturizer and toner to try. I wish they had a complete ingredient list tho

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Are you still using eXposed Kamstan?  If you are, do you still like it?  Because of the price, I am reluctant to try it.

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I wish I had a job to get me money so I could pay for this stuff. Oh wait, I do........

I wish my parents would let me spend my money on yet another attempt at clear skin eusa_doh.gif

This product does look great, but come to think of it, what doesn't?

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