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(Urgent advice needed please) M18 been put on Differin (Adaplene) after BP

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So I used to have mild-Moderate acne. (Since i was 14 yo). I think it's pretty genetic since my mum had it too. Didn't really care about it until I was 17, and went to a derm 6 months back who put me on BP. Been using BP since 4-5 months and has cleared me up close to completely except PIH and a few skin colored bumps. Then, I went for a follow up around 2 weeks back, and he told me to stop using all products and put me on Adaplene (Differin).
Oh, and he also prescribe me a Salicylic acid 2% wash since BP and told me to continue using it.

Now my dilemma- I have a college trip coming up for a duration 2 weeks, and they happen to fall between the dreaded 3-5 weeks of the Initial breakout of Differin. 

The first week of using differin I noticed a pimple forming on my nose ( Gone now) And increased oiliness and redness.
2nd week just one more red bump on my left upper cheek.

I really really dont want an IB during the trip. Will I have a very BAD IB even though I dont have acne to begin with, and only a few skin colored bumps and was prescribed it for PIH.
If so should I use BP during AM to reduce intenisty of IB. Or should I just go back to BP for the next few weeks and use the differin when Im back and ok with having a shit face for two weeks?

Please help me out guys

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still have the little red bump on left upper cheek. Been a week probably. Noticed another ones been rising since 3 days but it's more or less flat and just looks like pih unless stated at. This is a lot considering I was almost clear a few days back. Is this what they call purging?

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