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at home remedies actually worked , I'm not one to even leave reviews or believe it at home stuff , I always thought they MAY slightly help out but not actually WORK 100%! 

Soooooo, I have been reading and reading all over the net especially this site & watching videos and buying all these products & moisturisers and harsh chemicals but I finally found a way to get rid of my disgusting acne & reddish (and some brownish) scars! I didn't use banana peel on its own BUT I have to stay I swear to god that is the number one thing that made me notice a dramatic OBVIOUS difference as soon as I woke up (left it over night) . I used a ripe banana as that's all I had & it worked WONDERSSSS! My scars are literally 80% better , I can actually go out now without putting 3 kilos of foundation on my face and still have the scars shine through the foundation and everyday new pimples coming out! 

WITH ALOT OF trial and error It's been 4-5 months or something since I started laser hair removal on my face , I barely had. any hair there I am 24 years old and never had a problem with facial hair or acne for that matter. I wanted smoother skin and I heard IPL laser hair removal gives you exactly that (DO NOT DO IT) 
Anyways, after doing the laser my skin broke the fU#% out like I've never ever seen it before, I had acne all over my cheeks and all over my chin & neck, red puss , inflamed pimples that looked angry ! 
I bought a lot of things that wasted my money tbh and I tried a lot of different products, I even did LED light therapy for acne , microdermabrasion (when the acne wasn't active To rid of my scars)     & I did a lacto peel, did NOTHING! Like literally nothing at all , then I was like "why not try the at home remedies , they probably won't really work but there's nothing to lose here, maybe they'll help at least) and they did ..  nothing that needs months or weeks to work NO and you'll be excited to keep doing because you will see a HUGE difference within a day or two.. 


Week 1 : 
I stopped using harsh drug store scrubs & just purchased a cetephil cleanser (that did NOT clear my acne but I'm just saying that is what I used instead of harsh scrubs)
I still wore makeup . I would wipe off my makeup with a neutrogena wipe then cleanse then do the things below . 

2-3 days in a row  I tried potato on its own and it did nothing !

I started applying turmeric mixed with coconut oil & coffee , I didn't feel like it was amazing but it did make my skin glow and look nice so I kept doing this every day! 

Week 2 : 

2-3 days went by and I stopped getting NEW pimples but I still had my old ones that were still visible and I felt so yuck ! 

1x Then I did the making soda mask, I just got water & mixed baking soda (not baking powder) made a weird paste that can't seem to smoothly glide on but I applied some of it to my acne & acne scars, I saw a small difference in that too and it helped after a few times but nothing remarkable and amazing! Did this with the tumeric coffee mask , for another 2 days and I noticed a tiny difference but again nothing that was WOW! I did this for 2 days UNTIL yesterday I went ahead and started :

I did everything above : I woke up washed my face with cetephil cleanser then I used the egg white mask (not beaten) I just applied it with my fingers all over my face, I left it on for 10 minutes and washed it off then I applied my makeup & went out to work, I  came home and applied the coffee,turmeric,coconut oil mask, left it on for 20 minutes or so after doing that I did the baking soda mask right after, left it on for about 10 minutes until it started flaking off then I washed it off & got a potato and grated it and just applied the juices of the potato on my face, I left it on for like 15 minutes and washed it off , I noticed a difference in my skin (not as red, acne isn't as prominent anymore) but it wasn't enough for me to think I'm not changing or adding anything to my routine , I was just like happy and was like "wow everything I'm doing is actually working I need to keep finding better things & adding them and keep doing all these masks! 

I then went and applied my coconut oil on my face as a mask & laid in bed ... 

I read this post/review  about the banana peel and got excited literally jumped out of bed grabbed A banana ate it & just smeared the inside of the peel on my face and fell asleep and I woke up this morning with HIGH hopes, I looked in the mirror and was like OMGGGGG  wow !! I see a HUGE difference like 80% of my SCARS are gone, I only had like 2 active pimples and they are gone too! 

I honestly don't think it was JUST the banana but I think hydrating my skin with coconut oil, adding potato to lighten my skin , adding lemon and egg whites & then the banana all worked together & im  soooooooooo happy I finally found something , thanks so much for everyone posting all their home remedies , TRUST ME try everything I did , do it one after the other in one day , it'll make ur skin glow and feel and look 10x better , and your acne and acne scars too will fade away !!!! Good luck ! Let me know if you have any questions at all :)

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