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6 simple diet and lifestyle changes have resulted in no new spots on my face for 2 months now!

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Hi Guys,

The change to my skin has been dramatic. I have had no spots on my face for 2 months now but I still get some spots on my scalp. I would therefore say I am around 80% - 90% cured. I still have very oily skin though.
What I did was:

1. Cut out all Coffee, replacing with decaffeinated tea.
2. Follow an Intermittent Fasting pattern of eating. I eat from 12pm - 9pm everyday only. Apart from step 4 below.
3. Have a VSL#3 sachet at 8am on an empty stomach.
4. Have a full glass of homemade strong Kefir made with Organic milk before bed.
5. Ensure I am getting 40g - 50g of Fibre per day
6. Sleep well and get my 8-9 hours a day.

Essentially cutting out coffee, eating lots of fibre and mega dosing of Probiotics seems to be making a huge different. FYI one sachet of VSL#3 has up to  250 billion bacteria per sachet and Kefir is considered a super food, containing up to 40 different strains of yeasts and bacteria, and one cup containing between 1-5 trillion bacteria!
I have made no other changes. I eat crap when I want to. I gym 3 times a week. In fact, for the last 2 months I am on a caloric deficit as I am trying to lose weight. I am hoping that  when I increase my calories, I may be fully cured but let's see.

My message to you is, give it a go, what do you have to lose. VSL#3 is quite pricey yes but Kefir grains costs just £5 from Amazon and you can make an infinite supply of Kefir from it. All you need to buy is Organic milk to ferment It's a cheap, natural way of producing trillions of beneficial bacteria so if you don't want to buy VSL#3, then just try out with Kefir for now.

I believe it is working for me as I am rebuilding my gut bacteria after having destroyed it after years of extreme dieting and antibiotics. Read my whole story here if interested which describes how and why I decided to follow the steps above: 

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