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Hey guys. I'm new here. 

Anyways, as most of you-- I basically tried EVERYTHING there is to offer in the market but nothing ever worked for me. Ever since I was 10 (which was when I first started having my periods and now I'm 19 nearly 20), I was already experiencing acne breakouts. My mom would send me to the best dermatologist every Saturday in my city 'til I was 13. Constant extraction from the doc. Constant shit on my face and it would never ever stop! So my dermatologist then suggested Accutane when I was 14 since my acne was on and off and if it was on, it would just be unbearable. For the whole 6 month period on accutane, my face and lips went dry, it went worse before it got better and well, alcohol will never be your best friend since you'll get easily drunk (It wasn't wise i know since accutane is a strong drug and you gotta be extra careful with your liver). Anyways, accutane DID help but only for a maximum of 2 months then my acne got bad again like shitface bad. 

I got depressed and so on, who wouldn't? My dermatologist even wondered why it went back.. My brother was on accutane too but never resurfaced. Then she just continued doing the norm and extract to the point that even her products which were clindamycin toner, some basic orange color cleanser, night cream and sun cream gave up on me too. So I went online and researched what would help me because of desperation. I tried masks from oatmeal, white eggs, coffee, and allll those shit. Coconut oil-- I regret you. So from the age 15 'til this day, I've been on constant search. AcneFree facial cleanser & their sulfur mask helped me out, the only problem was, it's not in my country and shipping and everything else is really expensive. I opted for Neutrogena since my lil brainyhead at 15 thought it would be the same since its orange liquid cleanser too but nope! Neutrogena just broke me out badly. I wanted to give my life up.

My teacher, who claimed to have the same bad skin few years ago, told me to go into this facial center because its what helped her out. I remember my dermatologist telling me that if you have acne, don't do facials but hey, I was desperate-- blahblahblah.  Few sessions past, like probably 3 sessions if i remember quite well, no kidding... my skin was soo clear like no mark of any acne from the past. Everyone was shocked on how the hell it happened and so on.. which is what I regret now. With all those facial acne peels and stuff they placed, it left the skin of my face more sensitive and thinner (as what other facials say).. So I became more prone to acne than ever and more prone to sensitivity of products used.  Sooo as you guessed it-- IT BROKE ME OUT MORE 3 months later and more worse!!!  So I stopped getting peels from them and all those crazy facials and decided to live with my acne and try not to care..... I lost hope. So I was just sticking to honey facial cleanser, the facials toner, and a simple moisturizer. 

When I turned 17, I went to a different facial center, had collagen pimple extraction thing and blah. It was okay. It did help but I had this thought of, no matter of how many times people try to extract my zits, it always learns to come back and even worse at some point. Why don't I just stop this and let it be... which I did. Then I met some chemists which are now my friends... NOTE: Don't use raw honey as your cleanser/mask. I learned that it just does more harm than good in your skin. If using honey, use the ones intended for your face or formulated by derms and such.  If you wonder why, I can just explain it if you'll ask. tehee.  

Anyways, still nothing worked so I went on birth control. Took a lot of hiding. I was switching  on  3 different birth controls for the past 2 years. Some were okay, some were neutral.  I even ended Vegan for like 4 months because my boyfriend that time was blaming some breakouts that occur from "bad diet".  I mean, it was partly a factor but me turning vegan for 4 months, didn't really do much for me.  I couldn't handle being in birth control for a long time, it scares me. To the fact that, when I get off it, I'd get superrrr bad breakouts, and if I'm on it, I'm easily hot tempered. I hate it. If there was another way to help my acne, I'd grab it than use birth control! So at this point, I was using  honey cleanser, ACV toner, benzoyl peroxide 5% and tea tree oil. 

At 19, I stopped birth control completely. My skin was "okay" but still bad so I gave Korean skincare a go.  'Til this day, I still use it but not too exagge, just the simple things because it was already a huge hole in my wallet to switch to this skincare and the things I'm still using now are VERY VERY much of a holy grail for me. I can't deny, some of these "famous" Korean stuff broke me out so badly that I went to step 1 of acne depression real quick AGAIN but this time it was much more worse to the point I'd be too much ashamed to go out of my room. I'd even wear surgical face mask to school and everyone would wonder why I'm wearing one. I just tell them I'm sick as an excuse. Not 'til my cousin introduced me to the glutathione. I've heard about this for yeaaaaaaaaaars now but only knew about it as a thing actresses and actors use to get that lighter skn color. I'm I'm taking it as a glutathione push instead of oral since taking it orally takes forever because it goes through your digestive while push/IV goes to your veins and blood and gets consumed 100% right away. It was my second session yesterday.. Glutathione+Vitamin C+Placenta.  The first session made my skin purge, the second session made my skin softer and glowing and my acne is super duper duper duper less!!!  If any of you decides to go through this too, please please please, make sure the shop you buy the glutathione vials,vitamin c vials, and placenta vials are legit. So many fakes out there! :/ I'm very tan and never dreamed of being white. I do love love love my tan skin, but for  my acne... I decided to give it a go.  Glutathione is an antioxidant. Only the excess of it makes your skin lighter like when everything else is clean, the excess will just lighten your skin as what ive known 3 shades maximum i guess not sure.   

-CosRx lowph good morning gel cleanser
-CosRx oil-free moisturizer
-CosRx Sun Cream

-CosRx Salicylic Exfoliatng cleanser
-AHA/BHA Cosrx toner / ACV
-CosRx Rice Mask
-Etude House Tea Tree Mask (I swear by this mask!! Everyone I've introduced this to, never ever used any other. I use it 1-2x a week especially on breakout days)

Every 3 days, 1 Glutathione 600mg vial + 1 Vit C 500mg vial + 1 Placenta 2ml
Everyday 1000mg Vit C oral.

-stimulate renewal of epidermis (this is for acne, wrinkles, dull skin, eye-bags)
-Improves Blood circulation
-Helps attract and hold moisture in the skin
-Normalize hormone production thus lighten pigmentation and freckles that's caused by hormonal imbalance
Reduced Glutathione: 
-Fights Oxidative Stress
-Anti Aging
-May prevent stress and depression (This is true. I'm more happier and my energy level is high)
-I sleep soo well every night too!
-Helps reduce acne

Everyone knows VitC is essential.. and well, I'm thinking of adding collagen too. But we'll see after all of these 10 vials what the results will be! Cause so far, the results had just been amazing! Also please note, if you'll have it done in a shop near you, it will be much more expensive than buying the box of vials alone and having it done by a professional Nurse/IVT/Doctor. 


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Please keep us updated! Excited to know your improvements.

I take glutathione orally for its antioxidant properties, been taking it for more than a year now, together with VitC 1000mg and other supplements. BUT I still need to stick to a clean diet cos those supplements alone don't cure my acne and flareups.

Took accutane too...twice! Acne came back less than a year. Cheers to healing our skin holistically!:)

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7/09/2017 - RESULTS ARE THE BOMBBBB!!! I don't regret it not even a bit at all! Patience is really key. I'm gonna have my third session tomorrow and I can't wait to see everything after which is 7 sessions to go! I do this every 3 days by the way :) 
Not regretting one bit of paying so much for this when at first I was very skeptical
I bought everything + nurse fee for $105.47
>10 Glutathione+ 10 Vit C + 10 syringe + 10 butterfly +10  sterile water = $39.43
>10 Placentas = $36.47
>Nurse fee for the whole 10 sessions,  = $29.57 

Since I do it every 3 days, I'll be able to finish this all up on Sept 29! can't waittttt!! 2-3x a week is recommended for faster results as what my nurse said sooooo


(these pictures are all in 2017)


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I had my 3rd session last night :) 
I'm still trying to be strict on my diet but it's so harddd :( 

21556078_10213254679937935_963751259_o (1).jpg

On 9/8/2017 at 1:49 AM, S33kingS0lution said:

Please keep us updated! Excited to know your improvements.

I take glutathione orally for its antioxidant properties, been taking it for more than a year now, together with VitC 1000mg and other supplements. BUT I still need to stick to a clean diet cos those supplements alone don't cure my acne and flareups.

Took accutane too...twice! Acne came back less than a year. Cheers to healing our skin holistically!:)

I will :) 
I was thinking of taking it orally at first but my nurse (which is my cousin), told me it would be less absorbed through oral while "push" would go right into my bloodstream and absorbed 100%. Clean diet is the hardest part for me.... 

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Hey!!! How’s it going with your treatment?

 I’m from the Philippines and just ordered oral glutathione for acne as well... I suffer from pcos and that gives me super bad breakouts... i decided to go off of birth control for a while for a test/ experiment... 3rd month in my period was delayed and BLAM!!! ACNE Breakouts everywhere.... even my back is acting up!!! Damn these stupid hormones...

sigh... i’m back on the pill, and taking some supplements with the ok of my ob gyn... and she gave me  the go signal for glutathione! It’s a super antioxidant, helps with acne and helps our liver to detox... my liver really needs all the help it can get believe me!!! 

My order might arrive next week and i can’t wait!!! I hope it helps me if the time comes that i decid to go off birth control for good!!! (Just hoping and praying it won’t purge me... since i’ve read it may happen for some people!!)

PS have you also tried to get checked by an ob gyn? - i had severe acne first, then was diagnosed with pcos a couple of years later... pcos was what’s causing my acne breakouts all along! - just a thought...

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