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Omg  I just wrote out a massive post but now its gone flm,  this is going to be a much shorter version because im annoyed lol  anyway lets try again, (Excuse my grammar and spelling) 

iv been dealing with this type of damage for 5 years!!! with no change until recently  Iv used so many oils, moisturisers and barrier creams its unreal but they didn't do anything, Retin A and glycolic acid cream did this damage to my skin … don't ask 

first pic is start of dec 2019 second is end of jan 2020.

here's my routine :Pm

avene cleansing lotion extreme tolerance (I like to wash it off)

damp face Hada labo premium lotion x2 layers 

spray water on top

hydroboost water gel Neutrogena

100% squalene oil the ordinary



avene cleanser 

eucerin 5 % urea replenishing cream

squalane oil

once a week I use cerave baume hydrant moisturiser on top of the hydoboost to get some lipids and ceramides in aswell also Vaseline after the squalane to make it all very occlsive,  I then wear  a silicone mask over the top to keep all in place and off my pillow 

once a week I will also use cosrx 0.5% daily salicylic acid cleanser  after my avene cleanser,  this is a very gentle exfoliator I believe you need to do this - to gently remove those stuck together skin cells without causing anymore inflammation

You will get cc's probs from the hada labo or the once a week heavy thick mask (cerave and Vaseline)  but as you can see from the two pics the holes are going ! so its up to you i would take cc;s  over those holes any day!

Right now … this is key! and what I really think has helped the most

*** hydration is completely different  to moisturisation***

hydration = water

Moisurising = oils and lipids

and oily dehydrated textured skin like this needs water!!!  ie hydration so focus on water! i  cant stress this enough *** toners are a game changer here they get water into the skin very well (Korean toners not western astringents)

whereas dry skin with this texture needs oils and lipids ie moisturisation so focus on moisturising



I still have a way to go to get my good skin back but

So happy that I have finally got some progress hope this can help people x






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What hydrating toner do you use? Is it the Neutrogena hydro boost?

I would appreciate your help! Your skin is looking great btw!

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Hada labo premium lotion - it’s called a lotion by the Japanese but lotion means toner in there culture, the neutrogena hydro boost is the moisturiser I use the water gel one. hydro boost aww thanks!!  yes I am so pleased after so many years of having crap skin it’s still messed up but its finally getting better x

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