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17 y/o girl with questions about roaccutane?

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so I've been struggling with acne since I was about 13, but recently it has flared up as a result of the birth control pill that I started in late June-early July. I've been on 5 different medications that have all failed (duac, zineryt, differin, oxytetracycline and lymecycline), switched to a vegan diet in April and plus have tried every single over-the-counter method (like everyone). yet nothing is working! I exercise regularly (dancing and occasional running and gym) yet I still look really unhealthy, like I dont clean my skin. But I DO! I use a clarisonic-type skin brush and have tried many many cleansers, moisturise and tone and exfoliate and everything (with both natural and synthetic substances). I've been referred to an NHS dermatologist (i'm from the UK lol so we call it roaccutane and not accutane) that I'm seeing next week, do you think they will agree to give me roaccutane on the day I go? Given all of my failed former treatments with the GP and the fact that I've been on birth control for over a month? Or will I have to start crying in front of them to try and persuade them to give me the blood tests and prescription on the day haha? If not, what do you think I'll need to do prepare to be prescribed it? I really just want to be able to go out  and feel confident without makeup on, especially in this summer heat...

are there any other 17 year old girls who have gone on roaccutane here that can tell me about their experience? I'm not too worried about the side effects yet, my skin is making me feel pretty depressed anyway so...

thanks xxx 

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Lol. Just tell them you want to go on it. And if they say no, find another one, and if they don't work, find another one.  It won't take long, but people rarely say no to money.

I'll help you out here, since you are only 17, and don't have the life experience yet, but in our society, our world, there are two things that are more important than anything: money and mating. If you have either, you'll be able to get what you want.

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yeaahh in the UK on the NHS I don't have to pay because I'm under 18 and in full time education so that won't be a deciding factor to the doctor afraid (unless I go private which we have considered) :) 

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