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The miracle of vitamin D3 +Zinc and questions about vitamin k2

Hello everyone,

I am 22yo female half black and half white.
I suffered from acne since I was 13yo : extremely oily skin, black and white heads, occasionnal big painful zits as well as some cystic acne.
I live in Paris France, where it's cloudy and cold most of the time. I'm inside an office all day.

I wash my face and body with Dudu Osun, African black soap. I use Dudu Osun on my face to remove make up, then I cleanse it with jeunesse global luminesce cleanser. I've been keeping this cleaning routine for more than a year with the black soap, and I added the luminesce cleanser to my routine 3 months ago. I recommend both products to keep your acne in check and have a healthier skin, but it won't cure you.

I started taking vit D3 when I realized that my skin stopped breaking out entierely when I exposed myself for long hours in the blazing sun (in vacay). I did some research on Google, fell upon this forum and tried it out (I tried a lot of different treatments before so I thought why not).

A week ago I started taking vitamin D3 daily in very high dosage (10,000-40,000 IU), plus zinc supplements (one pill of 22mg per day).
The vitamin D3 I take is Ortho D3 1000 IU. The zinc is from Solgar.

My skin transformed in one week ; it's tight, glowing, soft... like when I was a kid. It's a miracle for me who battled acne for 9 years. Even the tiniest black heads of my nose disappeared. My skin is exactly like baby skin now.

MORE THAN THAT: I have energy like never before ! I thought my dark circles were part of my face but they are entirely gone now. I stopped needing to sleep 8 to 10 hours to be able to wake up in the morning. I jump out of bed after 6 hours ! My anxiety also disappeared, my sleep is waaaayy deeper and my concentration is at the max.... I thought I was a lazy negative and depressed person (especially the winter) naturally but not at all !

As well, my digestion has drastically improved : I used to suffer from constipation (I could not go for 3 days and more !), and now my stomach is flat all the time, I have movements every day and sometimes twice. I can now eat cheese and other dairy products without being sick immediatly after.

When I became a teen, my skin (face and body) got paler and is somewhat yellowish when I'm not tan. Now my skin is smooth and light brown everywhere and my scars (also face and body) are disappearing so much faster. My body temperature is higher (no more shivering and blue nails when it's less than 20°C !). I stopped having acne of my back. In one week !

Finally, I'm way more social and outgoing. I feel very very good in my skin and just generally happy. I'm feeling lifted of a very heavy weight I didn't know I was carrying.


Now, my problem : I know my daily dose of vit D3 is way too high. I feel like I'm addicted to the amazing results I'm witnessing so I want more, and the more I take the better I feel. It's working so fast and so well, but I'm scared to give myself health problems.
At the same time, I don't want to stop or lower the dose because I would rather die than comeback to where I was (now that I know how good I can feel !)

Also, I read that vit D3 without vit K2 is very bad because the calcium doesn't know where to go.

I want to avoid going to the doctors and dermatologists. I don't know if they have been lying to me to sell me all those useless "cures" or if they were just dumb as ****. I can't believe I suffered all these years when the cure was so simple and cheap ! I can't trust them at all anymore. 

Here are my questions :

- What is the safest highest dose of vit D3 I can take per day ?
- Should I start supplementing in vit K2 or the food I'm eating enough to supplement me naturally ? (Now that I can, I eat cheese daily + kimchi + about 4 eggs a week but I can up that no problem). If yes, would you recommend the solgar vit K2 and in which quantities ?
- Do you think I've already created myself some health problems due to my high doses ? How could I reverse it ?

Thank you very much for reading and I can't wait to read aswers ! :)

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Hey, made an account just for you.

10kIU of Vitamin D3 isn't that much. I used to take 50k IU when my levels were at ~7.

when high dosing with D3 you MUST take Vitamin K2 (200mcg when you take 10kIUand 400mcg when you take 50k) alongside with magnesium (preffered trimagnesiumdicitrate) 

I don't believe the D3 is having that much affect on your acne, I could only imagine such drastic improvement if you lived in a cave for several years.


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