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Starting Ortho Tri Cyclen What are your experiences with improvement?

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Hi everyone, 

I'm new to the site! After reading a couple of posts I wanted to ask for advice specific to my situation.

Starting at the age of 18 my teenage acne started to turn cystic and I turned to birth control pills to cure my acne. After a process of trying a few pills and going up a few steps I ended up on Generess Fe up until this year (I am 24 now). It never fully cured my acne so I was on benzoyl peroxide-clindamycin gel in the mornings and tetrenoin at night. I had really clear skin.

Fast forward to this past June (practically 6 years later), I could no longer afford to keep up the dermatology visits and medications because of my terrible insurance, so I went off the medication, and as you can imagine my skin was really unhappy. In the matter of a month or so the acne started trickling back in and now I have what would probably be described as moderate acne, but in my eyes my skin looks atrocious and I'm stressing out so much. I then also found out in July that my current gyno that I'd been seeing since January had put me on Lo Estrin (after I specifically had requested her not to!!) and that I hadn't realized I was on the wrong pills this whole time. So given how that pill is really bad androgen-wise I think it has aggravated the problem. 

I was topically using black soap and witch hazel with a non comedogenic moisturizer (for about 6 weeks) and it wasn't really doing much to help and the situation just kept growing out of control, so I am going to try the Mario Badescu line after some recommendations and trying the samples to see if it'll help. I wanted to know if anyone had any reviews on these products for acne, as well as any experience on how long I'll have to wait to see results on the pill. With the exception of a couple of pimples on my forehead, my acne is predominantly on my cheeks with the highest concentration on my chin, which I have heard is highly linked to hormones. I'm gonna try to quit dairy and alcohol too. 

Please help! I sincerely appreciate any tips you may have for me. 

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