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HELP!! picked scab too soon, hole on cheek!

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i'm new on here but desperately need some help. like 2 weeks ago i had a bad hormonal breakout and got a lot of pimples on my cheeks. i got one near my jawline that was a whitehead but hurt pretty bad, i had refrained from picking at the other pimples bc i know how bad it is but this one had a lot of pressure so i popped it. i felt like it had SO much stuff oozing out of it that i had to keep popping it which resulted in a red mark bigger than the original pimple. anyways it's been a while and it scabbed up for about a week and the scab was kind of coming off on its own around the edges so i thought it would be a good idea to pull it off, but turns out the middle as not healed!!! :( now i have this indented scar looking thing on my cheek and i have picture day tomorrow so i really hope i get some replies. i know it would go away overnight but there has to be something that can flatten the hole a bit right?! i also attached pictures of the hole so please look at those 




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You can try to cover it up with make up and fill it up that way, but I'm not sure how much that will help. I have had a few wounds that looked almost exactly like yours (also because of picking) and luckly I didn't get any scars from them. I used pure Dexpanthenol on all of them (which you can get at the pharmacy). It took 2-3 weeks until the hole was somewhat closed for me.

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Dexpanthenol is otc where I live. There are also creams with dexpanthenol, but they only contain like ~5% of it. They do not help nearly as much as the pure stuff. There is a hell of a lot of research that backs up the wound healing qualities of dexpanthenol. If I remember correctly, it  took 4-5 days until I felt my wounds significantly improved.

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